Farscape, The Definitive Collection £68.93 @ Amazon

farscape-anthony-simcoe This happens to be one of my all time favourite science fiction shows, and one of the least appreciated in my opinion. Fans of Firefly will appreciate the eclectic humour and dark moments in this series, and anyone who has a thing for sci-fi should have this on their “must see” list. This price, for all 88 episodes, is really great value for money at £68.93.

Farscape is an eerie, funny, dark, insightful and just plain weird sci-fi show that uses Muppets (yes!) as alien characters. But don’t expect the Cookie Monster here, no, here the Muppet creators have used their skills to create utterly alien, um, aliens.

The lead character is played by Ben Browder (Stargate fans will know who he is), an astronaut who’s been flung into another galaxy during a test run in the space programme. In this new galaxy humans are considered nothing more than Neanderthals by other species, and John Crichton (Ben) is thrust into the middle of a nasty war that has 51KJeoj1aOL__SL500_AA300_him fighting for his life from the get-go.

If you have a sci-fi nut that hasn’t seen this series then this is your Big Christmas Pressie right here. Get this, and watch them get sucked into a fantastic world. I can’t recommend it enough.

Thanks to Groaver at HUKD!


  • Groaver
    £59.89 now at Sendit thanks to amibees. http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/farscape-the-definitve-collection-3/765721
  • Emma K.
    Farscape is EXCELLENT.

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