Draper Picnic Set £17.35 @ Amazon

picnic The weather over the past few days has been nothing short of delicious. In fact, it seems that Spring has literally sprung upon us after weeks of vacillating behind the scenes. Suddenly we’re all warm and toasty and enjoying the fresh air in frocks and shorts. So this picnic set is a total charmer for enjoying the outdoors with your family.

Down to only £17.35 you save £20 on this lush kit that includes pretty much everything you need to host a stunning picnic. It contains an insulated food department, secure elasticated straps and carry handles for easy portable convenience.

This is a four person picnic and cooler bag set that includes four plates, tumblers, napkins and cutlery as well as sal42-15641400t and pepper shakers. You also get a cheese knife, a multi function bottle opener and a plastic cutting board.

How very, very civilised! I love stuff like this, I am still gutted that I had to leave one of these behind when I moved a couple of years ago. With this set all you need to add is the food, a blanket and a gorgeous location – the rest is ready for you to use.

Thanks to skusey at HUKD!


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