Go Create Christmas Colour In Cards £1 With £3 Points @ Tesco

Tesco Christmas Cards Head over to Tesco to pick up the Go Create Christmas Colour In Cards for £1. Click and collect is also free from Tesco. Use the code TDXR-TXRP to claim 300 points, essentially giving you £3 back on a £1 spend.

Yeah that's right, spend £1 and get £3 worth of points added to your Clubcard account. You'll be able to "Boost" these up to £6 off in the future or alternatively exchange them for up to £12 worth of Deals. If you want the maximum points for the minimum outlay, you don't even have to spend £1, these curtain rings* are just 30p and you'll still get those 300 points! Have I mentioned I love this deal?!

Christmas is just the perfect time to get crafty and creative, isn't it? I mean we spend so much time indoors at the minute anyway, it's good to do something fun and crafty that you can give away! ;) 

The colour your own Christmas cards feature favourite Christmas characters along with messages such as ‘Happy Christmas’ and ‘Cool Yule’. The pack contains 8 Go Create Christmas colour in cards and 8 red envelopes so you can pop them in the post.

You get to decorate and personalise your cards as much as you like, and they're a great price for 8 cards and an afternoon's fun too.


  • Boatpark
    Hi, I tried to use the code above and it said it was the wrong account and could only be used for the account created for? I'm guessing I enter it into the e-coupons section, as I couldn't find anything which said voucher code? Cheers
  • Jonesy281
    I've just tried it and it rejects the code because it's 'linked to another customer's account' :(

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