Crazy, Crafty Easter Bargains

Over the next few weeks I am going to be writing about all sorts of cool things you can make for Easter and the Easter holidays, so today I thought it would be prudent to hunt down some of the best craft deals around. If you nab these, at these ace prices, then you will be well stocked for crafty Easter fun.

The Entertainer has reduced the Grafix 140 piece mega activity kit down from £10 to only £5. This is an ace deal where you get all sorts of brilliant crafty goodies in one cheap kit. There is dough, finger paints, wax crayons (ace for Easter egg decorating), chalks, a duster, poster paints, plain paper, dough cutters and a mould, a paint brush, sponges, a spatula and stencil shapes. A dream for only £5 I think…

The next amazing deal I discovered is even BETTER than the last one. Imagine a 1500 piece craft activity set? Yeah? That is loads of fabby crafty goodies for Easter makes. Argos has this on sale for less than half price. It used to cost £29.99 but now it is only £9.99 which is pretty darn awesome. You can’t get it delivered but you can reserve and collect it instore. I’m not even going to try and go into detail as to what’s tucked away in this set, it could take all day!

Baker Ross is a site that offers lots of fun stuff for craft types and they happen to have a pre-Easter sale on right now. They have reduced a ton of Easter crafty goodies by up to 50% and while some of them are not quite what you’d want for making Easter crafts, other bits and pieces (like the tissue crafts and wooden mobile kits) are perfect. Take a look and maybe snag some ace Easter bargains for decorating the home too.

The next kit isn’t as heavily reduced as the others so far but it is really cool. It’s the Mister Maker Doodle Drawers Bumper Craft Kit and it is down to £14.36 including free delivery on Amazon. The storage box that all the craft items come in is designed to look like Mister Maker’s famous Doodle Drawers and it includes instructions for four projects and has everything you need for fun Easter crafts too.

Craft4Kids has a bunch of items included in their end of line season sale, many of which have been reduced by up to 50%. While some are just plain cool (the zebra rocks), others are ace for filling up those craft drawers and getting cool stuff to do over the Easter holidays. They also have free delivery on standard UK orders, which is a darn fine thing in my thrifty book.

I had to include Glitter Monster in the list because, well, I love the name. Why be dark and furry when you can wear glitter and be fabulous, hey dahlinks? Anyway, they have some great kits for kids that are well priced and offer some nice variety. Their sale items are well reduced too but you need to browse through all the pages in search of kid’s crafts. However, if you are a crafty parent, then there will definitely be something hiding in there for you to enjoy too.

Yellow Moon is currently doing quite a few things at the moment and their items are well priced too. You can save up to 50% off in their sale, or you can use their special voucher code to get £5 off a £50 spend using the voucher code YEW11A. Their Easter craft selection is very tasty indeed, and I had to really fight my inner shopper while I was browsing their selections.

Craft Superstore has their usual ace discounts. They have a 50 pack sticker set down to £9.99 instead of the retail price of £50 (although I am not sure I really believe that was the true RRP if I am honest). If you look in their Easter Crafts section you’ll find plenty of cool bits and pieces that you need to create ace Easter delights. And I was particularly taken with their half term goody bags, even though it isn’t half term anymore, as these are down from £18 to only £9.99 and include a ton of great stuff.

So there you have it, great Easter craft materials on a budget. Next week I’ll look into fab ways to decorate Easter eggs.

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  • LynleyOram
    cool stuff cheers! Having a party during the Easter hols so planning on a craft table. This will come in handy!

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