Cassandra Children’s Knitted Hot Water Bottle Set £2.50 @ Amazon

25 February 2011


The Cassandra children’s knitted hot water bottle and cover set also comes with medium sized slipper socks and free delivery. It used to retail for £9.99 but is now only £2.50, a complete steal for toasty warmth in the last days of winter.

The Cassandra children’s knitted hot water bottle set doesn’t come with the actual hot water bottle and the design is made to look like a child’s jumper. It is really cute. The colour is random, though – they select them from various colour options so you have no idea what you’re going to get.

The slipper socks are anti-slip and the set is packaged in a bag with a carry handle. It looks really cute and is definitely worth paying £2.50 for. Even if winter is slipping away (wahoo) this will last you for ages.

The only down side, really, is the fact that they are a randomly selected colour so if your little girl hates blue, she may not like her present if that’s the colour they send you.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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