5 Nail Polishes For £5 @ Half Price Perfumes

5 Nail Polishes For £5 @ Half Price Perfumes

Half Price Perfumes are offering a ‘lucky dip’ of five hot nail polish shades for just £5! Normally selling for £4.45 EACH on Amazon, that’s a phenomenal saving of 77%! A nominal delivery fee is charged but on a deal that would normally cost you £22.25 its not a deal breaker!

Need to put a bit of glamour into your look? Nothing says well groomed quite like beautifully painted nails. And if like me, you don’t have time to have a weekly mani, an assortment of five full-sized 5ml nail polishes to mix, blend and experiment with is the perfect solution. And all for a Fiver!

I’m told that Alessandro nail polishes are used by professional nail technicians so I reckon they’re good enough for my flakey, stumpy nails! They’ve been around since 1989, so you can’t go wrong with this fabulous ‘lucky-dip’ deal. And with shades called ‘Cheeky Devil’, ‘Pretty Ballerina’ and ‘Party Time’ there will definitely be a couple that suit your complexion and lifestyle! So treat yourself to this No.1 European fashion phenomena for just £5!


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