Best Birthday Cakes For Kids Including Allergy-Friendly Ones

Best Birthday Cakes For Kids Including Allergy-Friendly Ones

One of the best things about a birthday is the cake. Whilst some parents are talented and can rustle up a masterpiece, others (like myself) rely on the supermarket shelves. They are so much better than years ago and you can really find some cool ones out there.

Asda Birthday Cakes

Asda stores big and small sell a selection of birthday cakes. They are known for their quirky designs and often bring the unusual to the supermarket shelves. You can also order their Cakes* when grocery shopping online.

Tesco Birthday Cakes

Tesco stores are well stocked with a variety ofBirthday Cakes for Kids*. Prices range from £5.50 to nearer the £15 mark, so there's something for everyone.

M&S Birthday Cakes

Marks and Spencer are well known for their luxurious food, and their Birthday Cakes* are testament to that. They have a fantastic range online for kids, and some are available in store too.

Sainsbury's Birthday Cakes

Sainsbury's boast impressive cake counters in their bigger stores, and also sell Birthday Cakes* in the aisles. They do have an impressive range of character, as well as own branded cakes online too.

Costco Birthday Cakes

Costco Birthday Cakes* have a cult following. Why? They are absolutely delicious, not to mention pretty cool as well. Each cake is 40cm x 30cm in size, serves 48 and sells for £14.99. If you get the chance also, try their Red Velvet Cupcakes - they are HUGE and delicious.

Best Birthday Cakes for Girls

Best Birthday Cakes for Boys

Personalised Birthday Cakes

Personalised Birthday Cakes are a nice touch, and always go down well. Just a name and age is nice, or make things fun with a cheeky message.

Gluten Free Birthday Cakes

Whilst there isn't a huge selection of Gluten Free Cakes in the shops, there are some great ones out there to be had.

Nut Free Birthday Cakes

Children with nut allergies can enjoy these...

Dairy Free Birthday Cakes

Lactose or milk intolerant? Your child doesn't need to miss out with these Dairy Free Cakes...

Egg Free Birthday Cakes

Unfortunately, the supermarkets don't seem to sell Egg Free Birthday Cakes yet, but we reckon it's only a matter of time.

Fortunately, you can buy Eggless Cake Mix* from eBay. Okay, so it means you have to bake it yourself, but you can't go wrong with a Powder Mix.

Sugar Free Birthday Cakes

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Reply to
  • Jax H.

    Betty Crocker cake mixes and their frostings are Vegan....just add an egg replacer such as a banana, apple sauce or an egg replacing powder available in big supermarkets. ...or add a can of juice to the mix and nothing else. Good to make the chocolate cake with Fanta orange! These are my fail safe mixes rather than ordering online to make a vegan cake. I do agree it’s only a matter of time until the supermarkets bring out vegan cakes :birthday::seedling:

    • Gra C.

      Good tip about the chocolate and orange!

      • Jax H.

        It’s really nice to play about with the combinations, and lemon juice with the vanilla sponge. It’s different every time I make one :joy:

        • Gra C.

          It's actually so good to know as I have a friend with an egg allergy too. this could work for David?

        • Carolyn R.

          The Asda unicorn one tastes as good as it looks. We had this for my daughters birthday- it didn’t last long :yum:

          • Debbie P.

            . Look at these cakes. X x :birthday::birthday::balloon::balloon::two_hearts::two_hearts:

            • Vanessa J.

              M&s unicorn cake is lush & soo yummy :yum:

              • Kate C.

                Timely with birthdays not long away

                • Katy L.

                  I agree it’s delicious just being buttercream instead of icing was a plus for us :yum:

                  • Nichola R.

                    Cute! We had the unicorn one from Asda last year it tasted so nice! X

                    • Kathryn M.

                      Had sainsburys unicorn today for my daughters birthday, not nice at all, cheap yuk! Looked amazing though!

                      • Julie W.

                        My 4 year old has coeliac disease and an egg allergy. Unfortunately I can’t just buy him a cake anywhere

                        • Corny102

                          The Egg Free Cake Box shop make egg free cakes and they are yummy

                          • Chloe S.

                            It the nicest cake ever!!!! Well worth the money

                            • Karen C.

                              start baking:joy::joy::joy::joy:

                              • Georgina C.

                                this is THE perfect cake!! Funnily enough I am baking a cake now

                                • Tina H.

                                  This is an amazing cake, worth every penny and would buy again!

                                  • Sharon O.

                                    that would be perfect! It serves 20. Is that enough?

                                    • Louise P.

                                      now this is my kinda cake :ok_hand:

                                      • Mandy M.

                                        Looks so nice yum yum !! Need a dinner plate for a slice :cake::balloon: