10 Ways To Design An Easter Egg

The Easter holidays are nearly here, yippee, and so is (we all hope) some warm sun and lovely weather. To celebrate these upcoming days of relaxing and enjoying, here are ten brilliant ways you can decorate Easter eggs with your kids…

1. Play a game

Thanks to the wondrous interwebz you can now play Easter egg decorating games online. These are rather brilliant for those of you who don’t have the space or equipment to make eggs at home. And they are a great way to keep kiddies entertained while you juggle housework, work, life and other such things in the holidays.

My personal favourites are Boowa & Kwala and Meddy Bemps. The latter has a ton of games to play for Easter so there should be something for everyone here.

2. Dye your egg

For many Easter egg projects you will need a hardboiled egg that has already been dyed the colour of choice. So, how do you make your egg into a pink sensation or look like it has been wrapped in tissue paper? Easy…go to DLTK’s website and follow any one of their awesome ideas.

From basic food colouring instructions that will get you a basic coloured Easter egg to fingerprinted Easter eggs, Stone Easter eggs, Floral Easter eggs and even Crayon Easter eggs, this site has instructions and tips on how to do them all. The order is by level of difficulty, which is nice…

3. Make an Easter bunny

I utterly LOVE this Easter Egg Bunny from Kaboose. It is an brilliant project to do with kids aged seven and up, and the finished product is too cute for words. The instructions are detailed and easy to follow, and they give you a comprehensive list of items you need before you start. This would make a fabby Easter egg project for school.

4. Dyeing with Disney

The Disney website has some fantastic Easter egg decorating ideas that will, honestly, make you laugh out loud. My personal favourites have to be the Dye-ving dudes and the faux Faberge eggs with legs. If nothing else, you will all have enormous fun creating these chaps and you don’t need to spend much money on the extras.

5. Shaving Cream & Paint

Yes, shaving cream and paint will make you some awesome Easter cards and everyone should have a load of fun making them. Just follow the instructions on Fancy House Road and you’ll soon have yourself some awesome cards to give to friends, family members and to decorate the house. I love this idea.

6. Plastic Wrap Easter Eggs

There are quite a few projects on this website that are worth noting for Easter eggy fun. From the odd and funky Plastic Wrap Easter eggs to the Dotty Easter eggs, the site has instructions for each. I did find these quite hard to follow at points, though, so some trial and error may be needed.

7. Make Your Own

This site, What’s Cooking America, has instructions on how to make your very own Easter egg dyes at home. Abandon those crazy food colours or manmade varieties, and instead whip up a batch of crazy colours using ingredients you can find in nature. Many of these you’ll find lying about at home so go crazy!

8. Eggs For Tea

I didn’t want to use the same site twice, but this Easter egg decorating idea is so awesome that I could not resist. You get to make these fabulous marbled eggs that have been cooked in tea. In Asia these are apparently sold by street vendors as a tasty snack. They certainly look crazy and could totally spark up an Easter salad or two…

9. Easter Egg Garland

If the idea of whipping up batches of real boiled eggs fills you with dread, then how about this idea? Craft, Interrupted (awesome site name) has a guide on how to make a painted Easter egg garland. Kids will love the sheer creative madness of this project and, once it is done, it looks utterly fabulous. I am definitely going to be whipping this one up!

10. Rolled Easter Eggs

Finally, we have the Rolled Easter egg that looks like enormous fun. You can follow the instructions on the brilliantly named Tinkerlab site and enjoy some great Easter egg creations at the end. This would be a good way to get the littler ones involved in the experience I think.

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