10 Brilliant Valentine’s Day Ideas

16 January 2014

There is now less than a month until Valentine’s Day brightens up the air and romance flutters about like a crazed butterfly in a storm of pink and red. What will your day bring? What are you planning to make or create for someone special? Well, here are 10 absolutely brilliant Valentine’s Day ideas that you can make, create and do with that special someone in your life.

1. Creative names with Festisite

So you can create illustrated names using their awesome software. You can make money, a deck of cards or logos and turn text into a maze or the shape of a heart. You need only login once and then you can access all their cool features, including ready made poems.

2. Make your own gumball machine with Pamela Susan

This is the perfect gift idea for those of you who are on a budget but still want to do something special. It won’t cost you much to make as you’ll have most of the materials at home already and you can rope the kids in too.

3. Valentine envelopes with Nest of Posies

These are so cute you just want to make them for yourself and eat them all up. They are very easy to make, but you may need to go out and invest in some equipment if you don’t already have the various craft bits you need.

4. Valentine’s Day printables with Miss Tiiina Digital Art

These printable freebies are for everyone to download and enjoy and they are too gorgeous for words. You don’t even have to stick with Valentine’s Day either, she has wall art and planners and plenty more available on her site for you to enjoy.

5. Beer bottle labels with Make the Best of Everything

How cute are these? It’s a very down to Earth blog that shows you exactly how to make rather cool labels for your honey’s favourite beers. Stick them on, wrap them up and make his Valentine’s Day into a real treat.

6. Print and fold Valentines boxes with Picklebums

I am rubbish at making things like boxes and this tutorial is dead easy. Just go along with the clear instructions and make something lovely. You can even use this tutorial to make boxes for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and special occasions. Gorgeous idea! Although you may have to beetle out and get the right type of paper.

7. Make your own Valentine’s Day t-shirts with Pink and Green Mama

A doily shirt! How awesome is that? You can whip up a bunch of these cool doily t-shirts yourself without having to spend thousands or faff about too much. This one is great for the kids actually. Although I rarely ever end up with something that looks like the finished product in these pictures, I have fun with them.

8. Doctor Who Valentine with Frantically Simple

Ok, this one is for all you geeks out there who need some love. You can find the Ood, the Daleks and even the Weeping Angels expressing their undying love for you. You can download the Doctor Who Valentine’s PDF and get all their utterly brilliant designs for yourself. Wow, these people are just extraordinarily talented.

9. Make paper carnations with The Crafty Crow

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make paper flowers? I tried it once and I was rubbish, fat clumsy fingers. But these are beautiful and would make a lovely gift for someone special. You can get the kids involved in making these for grandparents as well as for teachers or anyone else who deserves a little Valentine smile.

10. Conversation heart fudge with Spoonful

This site is fast becoming one of my all-time favourites with so many ideas for so many different seasons. Their Valentine’s Day ideas are not limited to just this delicious fudge recipe, oh no, they have Disney ideas and more. However, for a sweet treat that is using those adorable love hearts as the design element, these conversation fudge bars are too gorgeous.

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