Tetley Blend Of Both Review

9 February 2012

I like tea. I love green tea and I love normal tea so when I was sent the new Tetley Blend of Both tea I was both excited and disturbed. Was this going to taste icky? And, seeing as I have milk and sugar in normal tea but nothing but hot water in green tea, how was I going to drink it?

It was with a small amount of trepidation that I approached the tea. I decided to go ahead and make it the usual way with milk and sugar. And it tasted amazing. You could have coloured me surprised. Not only did the green tea not overwhelm the taste of the normal tea but it seemed to soften the flavour in a lovely way.

Next up was a test on both my partner and some of the mums from my school. Tracey took her cup fairly suspiciously as well. She wasn’t sure if it was going to taste nice. Her face matched mine. She found that it tasted smoother (as did I) and liked the faint aftertaste that followed. My partner drank his without complaint and said he rather liked the flavour although he preferred his green tea as green tea and his tea as tea.

The Tetley Blend of Both tea basically has a very normal ‘tea’ flavour but follows this with a soft and faintly bitter aftertaste that is extremely pleasant. It also comes with all the benefits of green tea such as antioxidant powers, metabolism boosting powers and all those other lovely things.

For those of you who don’t like green tea but want all its benefits, this could very well be a good blend to try. It hasn’t been launched yet but will be available from 14 February at £2.55 in Tesco.

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