Parents Freebie: Free Head & Shoulders Sample

19 November 2010


Head & Shoulders are giving away free samples of their itchy scalp care shampoo and conditioner to the first 80 000 applicants. Seeing as the form is still up on the site it means that the limit has not yet been reached so quickly nab yourself that sample!

I know that the advert irritates me, but I suppose that it would irritate me half as much as an itchy scalp. I spent a good week scratching my head during half term because we’d had a nit outbreak at our school and I was in utter horror at the thought.

Fortunately I neither had nits nor an itchy scalp issue, but still, I can see why a shampoo like this could really help a person!

So, if you fancy a free sample of this shampoo and conditioner range on the off chance that you may get (or already have) an itchy scalp, then get started on that form. They do want quite a bit of information so expect to take a bit of time filling it in.

Thanks to crazehost at HUKD!

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