Micro Scooters Lock Review

15 September 2011


We recently reviewed two different scooters from Micro Scooter and they got rave reviews. Sadly this is not the case with the Micro Scooter lock. This extremely expensive piece of kit is a complete waste of your money and here’s why…

To start with you will pay around £15.95 for the Micro Scooter lock if you go via some of the affiliated stores, or around £10.95 from a store called Hop. The lock is the original manufacturer make by Micro Scooters themselves and is designed specifically for the Micro Scooters unique (ahem) design.

We decided to go ahead and stick with the branded lock because we figured it would be of the same quality as the scooter. How wrong we were. To start with the combination lock will reset itself if you depress the side buttons simultaneously. However, thanks to the lock being so small, doing this is way too easy. Risky too, you can’t reset it to zero if you screw up, oh no, you have to get wire cutters and bin it.

The second problem was that when you pressed the button to release the lock, the wire sprang out at a speed that was faintly worrying for an adult, much less a child. While I am sure that younger kids wouldn’t be playing around with a combination lock, the risk is there for older kids. Also, if you depress both buttons when the lock is released, the wire shoots back into the hole really fast. It whips around and spins back. This is NOT safe at all.

The final straw is that on the second day the button on the left of the lock, the one you need to release the wire, jammed.  On the second day. The lock cost us around £14 to buy and lasted a grand total of two days. And our scooter had to sit outside for three days while we tried to locate a wire cutter…

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