Fit Fruit & Vegetable Wash Review

8 September 2011


I recently joined up with a local fruit and vegetable dropping off at your door scheme. It has been an interesting experience. On one hand I have had some utterly delicious fresh fruit and vegetables, and on the other hand they are often really, really dirty.

I’m a big advocate of the five a day thing so buy a lot of fresh produce as well. According to research given to me by Fit Fruit & Vegetable wash, apparently apples can have been exposed to up to 12 different types of pesticides and handled by up to 10 different people by the time they reach your home. Urgh.

Possibly a quick rinse under the tap isn’t QUITE enough.

This is where Fit comes in. This fruit and vegetable wash is made of entirely natural ingredients and is supposed to remove pesticides and bacteria without leaving a funny taste or smell.

While I love the idea of this stuff you could have coloured me suspicious. Can I really ingest it? However, careful examination of the ingredients shows that it is natural and safe. More so than if you ate an apple without washing it.

I tested the stuff on the Incredibly Dirty Carrots first. These are a nightmare to wash. I have to say that the Fit Fruit & Vegetable wash got off around 30% more dirt than just water. They didn’t completely clean them but they did a pretty good job of it.

I then washed apples, plums, grapes and tomatoes. I could feel a difference. The waxy coats were taken away and what was left was crisp and tasty fruit.

The wash is now regularly used in our home and only costs £4.99 for the spray and £5.99 for the soak which can also be used as a refill.

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