Family Freebie: Free London Cycle Maps

8 June 2012

Transport for London is giving away free cycle guides that include a bunch of cool features and are recommended by experienced cyclists. Ideal for that family cycling trip to London, these guides will get you about and around for absolutely free!

The free cycle guides can only be ordered to UK addresses and there is a limit of six guides maximum per address. The guides are also available from some bike shops so you may be able to nab one of these if you happen to be renting a bike for your London cycle trip.

Each guide includes signed cycle routes, quieter and less busy routes, greenways through parks and along canals, stations with cycle parking and the Barclays Cycle Superhighways. There are 14 different free cycle guides to choose from including Central London, Edgware, Kensington, Uxbridge and plenty more.

These are an excellent investment for the cycle mad family who want to explore the capital city and its surrounds.

Thanks to kestel at HUKD!

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