K Two Family Calendar 2012 Review

10 September 2011

ktwofamilycalendar As a family we tend to be very digital with everything sitting in Evernote or Google Calendar so it was actually quite refreshing to work with something paper, the K Two Family Calendar. The only problem we had was that the darn thing was impossible to attach to our wall, something to do with the sea air apparently.

For those of you who’ve never enjoyed the K Two calendar vibe, the premise is simple. The calendar is designed to offer you plenty of room to write down notes, reminders and alerts.

Last year was my child’s first year at school and the huge quantity of paperwork that came home with her on a weekly basis was astonishing. And every other page was asking for money or was an announcement or was something I had to prepare for, and I am rubbish at remembering these things.

This is where the K Two comes into its own. While digital may be the Way Forward, it is also time consuming to plug all the info into the PC. With the K Two Family Calendar you just make a note on the date, fold up the piece of paper, and pop it into the included pocket. Yes, each month comes with a sturdy pocket that can handle at least six to seven folded pages easily.

ktwfamily1The calendar is also very sturdy. Ours fell down a lot (see Blu-tak disaster above) and didn’t fall apart, break or crumble. This is a really good thing. The imagery on the calendar is gorgeous, I love this style of artwork and I want to eat the two owls.

Overall I have to say that it is an improvement on the original because a) they have included a new hole to make it easier to hang and b) added in a new birthday column. It is a decent price at £9.99 for a good quality product that will withstand the abuse of a year’s work.

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