Fabulous Free Sundae And £10 Meal Deals @ The Harvester

18 January 2012

The Harvester has some ace deals going down this January so if you happen to live nearby one of these tasty spots, then you should really like them. The first is to get two selected meals from the takeaway menu for £10 and that includes a free salad. The second is a free Sundae.

If you fancy a free ice cream sundae the Harvester Sundae Best deal is back. You get a delicious Cornish ice-cream dessert drizzled with raspberry, strawberry, Belgian chocolate, white chocolate or Devonshire toffee sauce for free. You only need to download a voucher, order a meal and you’re sorted.

The two selected meals from the takeaway menu for £10 is for around six different meals and this expires on 07 February, so hurry up and spoil yourself if you want to take advantage of this deal. So, there you have it. Tasty discounts (there are more on their site) for January that the whole family can enjoy.

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