Fab Freebie: Free Sample Of Douwe Egberts Inspirations Coffee

12 February 2012

Now this is a totally brilliant freebie. For me, anyway. I love coffee and this is right up my street. This free sample of coffee is easy to get and will arrive brimming with tasty Douwe Egberts tastiness.

To get your free sample just click on the link above and you’ll be taken to a static web page where you need to fill in your details. These range from your name, email and address and are not that complex. They are the usual bits and pieces asked for by any company.

What I do like about this particular freebie, other than the fact that it is free coffee, is that you can opt out of getting marketing materials if you so choose. The offer is limited for as long as stocks last but appears to be holding steady as of today so go ahead and get one for yourself.

Mmm, tasty free coffee goodness.

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