Electric Window Sill Propagator Set Just £43 @ Two Wests

4 August 2013

Two Wests are offering this electric window sill propagator with 14 seed trays and covers for just £43. That’s a saving of £8.09 when you buy this set instead of buying the items separately. Delivery costs £4.99.

Develop your kids’ interest in gardening with this electric propagator which will enable them to raise their own plants from seeds or cuttings. It provides a warm, damp atmosphere which is essential for plants to thrive and ensures a greater germination rate which is perfect for impatient kids wanting to see action from the beginning.

In addition to the seven 2" deep quarter size seed trays and covers, this Propagator set comes complete with seven spare seed trays and covers – that’s 14 seed trays and 14 covers in total. Designed to fit onto a window sill its electrically heated base is designed to carry a maximum of seven seed trays and ventilated clear covers at any one time.

It’s so easy for your child to use this set. Just fill each seed tray to the top with quality seed compost, then dampen the compost using a fine spray. Next, firm down the compost gently before sowing the seeds carefully with finger and thumb rather than sprinkling seeds direct from the packet. Then cover the seeds with a depth of finely sieved compost as deep as the thickness of the seeds. Lastly, water well using a fine spray of water and cover the seed tray with a clear cover. Place your seed tray into your propagator and position the propagator in an area with plenty of light and watch in wonder as your seeds germinate and then grow.

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