Crocs Chameleons Translucent Clogs Review

25 June 2011

Crocs Chameleons

We were sent a pair of new Crocs Chameleons Translucent Clogs, the new colour changing clogs from, you guessed it, Crocs.

Of course, these are a total gimmick and in child sizes as small as my daughters, its entertainment value and excitement are more for the parents than the children themselves, but still, they’re really funky shoes. And I imagine older kids will love their colour changing properties.

There are two styles, the Clog and the Shirley, which is actually a much nicer style, I think, as it is more feminine and girly, but my daughter has no complaints about the Clog.

As you’d expect from Crocs, the toe section has ventilation holes for breathability and to help water drain away – and fits the Jibbitz jewel decorations. The clog also has a strap which swings back for a snug fit or forward for wear as a slip-on.

Apparently these have ‘circulation nubs’ on the foot bed which provide a massage-like feel, which obviously I can’t confirm or deny, since my little girl can’t tell me. But, she does love her shoes and she seems perfectly comfortable in them. In fact, she’s not allowed on the sofa with them on, but she’ll still put them on for the journey from one sofa to the other!

Another bonus of the Crocs Chameleons Translucent Clogs is that she can put them on and take them off herself, and they seem to be the first pair she’s owned that she doesn’t end up with the wrong shoe on the wrong foot.  I also like that they mould to the child’s foot, giving additional support, and are odour resistant (Man! How can such cute feet smell so bad?)

Their colour change thing is pretty cool. It happens really quickly, and with one shoe in the sun and one shoe in the shade you can see the difference. There’s a video on their website that demonstrates this.

At around £35, they’re not the cheapest of shoes, but if they are supportive and comfortable, stay on and don’t stink up the room, they get my vote.

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