Bye Bye Headache Sea-Bands

18 April 2011


I have an unfortunate tendency to get headaches when I need them the least – when I’m stressed, tired or ill. Recently I was flattened for four days with a migraine that had me lying on my bed unable to eat. While utterly awesome for my diet (hahah) this wasn’t great for my work and then someone told me that the Sea-Bands I used for morning sickness when I was pregnant could work just as well for headaches.

Sceptical is the word I would use for my reaction. Very sceptical. The bands did work when I was suffering from hideous morning sickness for eight months. While not a constant cure, they did take enough of the edge off for me to function normally at work. Considering that I am not one for believing in pressure points and the such, I was coloured impressed.

So I felt it was only fair to test out these Sea-Bands on my headaches. I had to wait a bit for one. I don’t get them every day or week, so it was a bit of a hurry up and wait for the moment to arrive. It happened Mother’s Day. I’d had a wonderfully relaxing day and, as often happens, I got a headache. Apparently too much relaxing is a bad thing for me!

I popped the Sea-Bands on immediately as I didn’t want to affect the outcome by taking pills. I then went to lie down; sometimes these achy headaches can sidle up to full blown migraines. I have to say, psychosomatic or not, they actually worked. Not in a miracle cure kind of way, I still had a dull throb, but the pain was far more manageable.

Handy things, these Sea-Bands and not bad looking either. They cost around £8.95 on the official site, or you can get them cheaper from Amazon.

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  • Hayley
    Great to know they work! Im suffering badly with headaches during this pregnancy but hate taking paracetamol so might give these a go!

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