Arm & Hammer My Way! Spinbrush Review

31 October 2011

When I was given this Arm & Hammer My Way! Spinbrush for my daughter I was extremely sceptical. An electric toothbrush for a five-year old? Really? I was willing to bet that she would cut and run the moment she felt it vibrating against her teeth.

The My Way! Spinbrush isn’t entirely standard fare. It’s very gadgety and has been rather cleverly designed to attract a child’s attention. It can be customised with stickers. And they give you a LOT of stickers in the box. We still have three sheets of them floating about the house.

The stickers for the “girls” toothbrush consist of rainbows and pinks, purples and flowers, unicorns, princesses and castles. The boys get footballs and cars and other such exciting things. You have enough letters to write most names on the brush.

The sticker part was a hit. She spent absolute ages painstakingly sticking them onto her brush and getting them right. Then she spent some time getting used to the switch to turn it on and off by brushing my chair, the lounge suite and the table. Obviously the brush needed cleaning…

She has been a lot more focused when it comes to brushing her teeth since she started using this. I was completely wrong about her hating it. She loves the vibration, loves the way her teeth feel afterwards, and now I don’t need to nag nearly as often. Bonus.

So, those are the pluses. And the negatives? Well, you can’t change the brush. The batteries, yes, but not the brush. So, if you are one of the Good Teeth People you will have to bin it after three months which is bad for the planet. However, it costs only £5.99 at Boots or Tesco which is marginally more expensive than a standard brush, and does clean more efficiently. Overall, I have to admit, this is a surprisingly good product.

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  • LuschkaPP
    We bought one of these after your review to get my two year old used to the electric toothbrush. Initially she just giggled at it a lot, but now she lets me brush her whole mouth, although we don't go near two minutes yet - but we didn't with a normal brush either, so I think this is doing more. We didn't let her decorate the toothbrush to start with - instead, she gets a sticker after each successful brush, which she can stick on anywhere she likes. This is a HIT. She runs up the stairs to brush her teeth now, and is thrilled with 'sticker time'. Sometimes I forget the sticker bit and pop her back on the floor after brushing and get a 'STICKER TIME!!' reaction. She sometimes even wants to brush at random times of day. It's brilliant and there are enough stickers to last for ages. In fact we have more than half the stickers left and very little space left on the toothbrush!

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