Up To 30% Off On Lenses & Accessories @ LensON

23 October 2013

If you or the kids need contact lenses then this special offer should make you pretty happy. You can get up to 30% off on a range of lenses and accessories at LensON at the moment. If they don’t have anything in that selection that suits you, there is also a 20% offer on your first order. Yes, you get 20% off if you are ordering from them for the first time.

So the sale is on and you can get up to 30% off and if you are a first time buyer you can get 20% off. I am not sure if these two deals will work concurrently – I somehow doubt it – but it is worth a shot if you happen to be visiting them for the first time.

There is also free delivery on orders until 31 October 2013 and there is super-fast delivery on some orders too, I think this depends on where you live and what you buy.

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