10% Off Monthly Rentals @ Hertz Van

13 October 2013


So, I know this isn’t a very common thing to write a deal about, but everybody moves house or needs a rental at some point in their lives so why not let everyone know about special offers, right? So, Hertz is taking of 10% from now until 15 November which is pretty helpful.

Your new car has been delayed or your fleet has need of an extra car in the short term or something has happened to your old car that means you don’t have wheels for a long time. You can rent a car – something I had to do for nearly two months last year – and at Hertz that price is now 10% less than normal.

The length of time you need to rent is 28 days I think in order to qualify and the rest is not rocket science. If this doesn’t appeal to you, there are a couple of sweet deals in their Special Offers section that will help you out if you’re needing a car overseas.

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