Where To Buy Cheap Home Schooling Supplies

Best deals on home schooling essentials
Where To Buy Cheap Home Schooling Supplies

With the latest school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us are now home schooling our children, and that means we need lots of extra supplies for the kids to complete the work being set by teachers. We're here to help cut down those costs, with the best deals on home school supplies.

Best Deals On Home Schooling Supplies

Whether you're looking for cheap printer paper and ink, cheap pens and pencils, cheap exercise and note books and more we're here to help. Here's the best deals on home school essentials:

Cheap Art Supplies

Cheap Learning Resources

Cheap Educational Books

Cheap Pens & Pencils

Cheap Foldback Clips, Scissors & Glue

Cheap Craft Supplies

Cheap Filing & Storage

Cheap Maths Sets & Calculators

Cheap Notebooks

Exercise Book & Pencil Bundles

Amazon are selling bundles with 10 Exercise Books and 30 HB Pencils for just £11.15. The exercise books are A4 48 page lined books, and the pencils are pre-sharpened #2 HB Amazon Basics. Choose from red*, purple*, yellow*, or light blue*. If you just need the exercise books Amazon sell Silvine Exercise Books* from £2.89.

Cheap Printer Paper & Ink

Free Educational Books For Kindle

After some books to help the kids with their learning at home? Here's some of the best free educational books for kids on Kindle:

Where To Buy Cheap Home Schooling Supplies

With only selected shops open for essential shopping only that means hitting the online stores, though luckily there are plenty that are offering cut-price school stationery supplies.

If you have an Amazon Prime account their Learning Store* is by far the best place to go, as you'll benefit on free delivery on all those little extras that you didn't realise the kids needed. Check the Amazon School Supplies Deals page* for new offers every day. The Amazon Basics Office Accessories Store* is the place to find all those storage and office supplies at low prices.

The supermarkets all have cheap school supplies that you can add to your online grocery shop, or pick up in store with your essentials. Right now Tesco* have lots of offers on home school supplies, with the cheapest price on printer paper* for printing off all those assignments from teachers.

The Works* is a great place to shop for bargain pens, notebooks, colouring pens and basic supplies. They also sell a lot of cheap craft materials for those school projects, as well as files and storage boxes to keep everything organised.

Hobbycraft* are the perfect place to find all the craft essentials for the fun school projects, as well as those more specialised items for children who are doing arts, crafts and design at home. They also have lots of fun free School Projects Guides* that give detailed step-by-step instructions and templates for projects that fit into the school curriculum.

Smiggle* may be pricey at full price, but hit their sale* and you can pick up some great bargains of fun, bright stationery and accessories.

Home schooling is proving to be a big challenge for most of us, especially if you're also having to work from home, or have more than one child to teach. Remember that teaching is a vocation, a profession that people train for years to do, and we can't hope to replicate that at the kitchen table. We can only do our best. Be kind to yourself, and good luck x

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