Where Can I Buy The Best School Shoes?

Latest deals, vouchers, reviews and best prices for school shoes in the UK
Where Can I Buy The Best School Shoes?

Looking for school shoes can be one major expense, so you want to make sure you purchase a pair that will last, and be comfortable too. Oh, and let's not forget that your child has to like them too, or else you'll have a battle on your hands for the whole school year. Our easy to follow guide allows you to narrow down the best of what's out there when it comes to school shoes...

Best School Shoes Deals

We'll keep you up to date with the latest offers and best deals on school shoes ready for the new school term right here:

Girls School Shoes

School shoes for girls are available in many high street stores - Debenhams*, Matalan*, M&S*, Sports Direct*, Nike*, John Lewis* and more.

T-Bar School Shoes

School Shoes For Teenage Girls With Heels

Patent School Shoes

Boys School Shoes

Wanting hardy black school shoes for your boys? Deichmann*, Shoe Zone* and Asda George* offer boys school shoes for those of you on a tight budget, but if you have a bit more to spend then you might want to invest in Kickers or Timberland boots.

Boys Shoes for Under £10

Boys School Boots

Wynsors School Shoes

Wynsors sell black school shoes* for boys and girls* and prices start from just £7, making them ideal for those on a tight budget.

Clarks School Shoes

You only have to glance into a Clarks* shoe store over the Summer to see just how popular they are when it comes to school shoes. They measure your child's feet and ensure they get the perfect fitting shoe. You may need to make an appointment to get your child's feet measured in store, or you can buy a Clarks foot gauge* to do it at home.

Kickers School Shoes

Kickers school shoes* are known for being tough and hard-wearing, so if you have a child that can wear shoes out in the first term, then they are for you. They aren't cheap, but what quality footwear is?

Asda School Shoes

We all know that Asda George sell very affordable School Uniform*, but what's their selection of school shoes like? They have over 20 different styles for each Boys* and Girls*. School footwear is covered by the Asda George 100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee*, so you can't go wrong.

Next School Shoes

The good thing about Nex, when it comes to school shoes is that they offer both synthetic and real leather shoes. Let's not forget that they also sell branded footwear too (including Clarks).There are over 100 different styles to choose from for both boys* and girls*, which must make them one of the best places on the high street for choice.

Lelli Kelly School Shoes

When you hear your child ask for Lelli Kelly shoes, you also hear the sound of money emptying from your purse. They aren't cheap that's for sure, but they are the shoes to be seen with in the playground.

Lelli Kelly Shoes can be purchased from Very*, John Lewis*, Schuh* and other high street shoe shops.

Debenhams School Shoes

Debenhams are known for their quality own brands of school footwear*, as well as selling brands like Clarks, Hush Puppies and Kickers. Their selection includes light-up, leather, 'Stay Fresh' and more...

Tesco School Shoes

Tesco sell a selection of school shoes in store, including black trainers, and school shoes with laces. If your local Tesco sells clothing they should have some school shoes on display - the bigger the store, the bigger the choice.

Start-Rite School Shoes

Like Clarks, Start-Rite* have a strong following, and a reputation for longstanding high quality. They also heavily encourage the right size of shoe for your child and offer a host of width sizes to ensure the correct fit.

Black School Trainers

If your children go through traditional black school shoes like nothing else, then it may be time to consider black trainers for school instead. Some schools allow it, whilst other forbid anything other than a black leather shoe to be worn.


When is the best time to buy school shoes?

Off Season is the cheapest time to get School Shoes, which is November until about February. Having said that, you run the risk of the Shoes not fitting correctly. You can pick up bargains if you shop wisely - look out for discount events and Clearance Sales throughout the whole calendar year.

Where can I buy school shoes on sale or on clearance?

The Clarks Outlet* is a good place to start looking for discounted school shoes. It's also worth keeping an eye on the Next Summer Sale*, Debenhams Blue Cross Event* and M and M Direct for school shoes at rock bottom prices.

How to put on First School Shoes

First school shoes need to be easy for little ones to take on and off. Laces are no problem if your child knows how to tie them, but if they don't then it can cause issues changing for P.E.

Velcro fastenings or riptape*, as it's also known, can be a much more practical option for those 4 or 5 year olds.

How to Tie Laces

Two of the most simplest ways to tie a shoelace are...

The Bunny Ears Method

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The Ian Knot



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