Westcott 4 Piece Maths Set 79p @ Amazon

Plus free delivery for those of you with Prime!
Westcott 4 Piece Maths Set 79p @ Amazon

What a rollercoaster it's been for our kids the past year. If you're already planning on starting your child off on the right foot once things are "back to normal" then grab this Westcott 4 Piece Maths Set for 79p from Amazon. It's not the most interesting bargain we've ever brought to you, but it's a practical one all the same.

Westcott 4 Piece Maths Set

The Westcott 4 Piece Maths Set contains a Ruler, set square 45°, a set square 60°C and a protractor 180°. If your child is in the tailend of primary school or is starting secondary then this set will prove useful to them.

It's useful to keep in the house for homework too. If your kids are anything like mine they can never find anything when they need it. Drives me bonkers so I keep a drawer of supplies so that there are no excuses for wangling out of homework.

What's even better is that you get free delivery if you have Prime, or are placing a bigger order for £20+.


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