Unicorn Pencil Case With Personalised Pencils £5.99 @ Studio

Unicorn Case & Personalised Pencils £5.99

For all of those Unicorn lovers, big and small - the Unicorn Pencil Case from Studio comes with Personalised Pencils and is reduced from £10 to just £5.99.

That's a great price, and ideal for those of you that like to stand out a little.

You get a rubber, ruler, sharpener and 12 personalised pencils with this super soft Unicorn Pencil Case.

The pencils are colouring ones, and as they will have your name all over them, the chances of other little darlings pinching them, and trying to pass them off as their own, is minimal.

Personalisation is FREE and you can choose a name up to 18 letters, including spaces.

What I love about this, is it's suitable for school age children, teens or even us adults - we love quirky stuff too.

You can have the Unicorn Pencil Case with Personalised Pencils delivered for FREE, if you are a new customer and have never placed an order with Studio before. Simply register and enter promo code 040 at the checkout.


  • Katie R.

    Love it!! Xx

  • Hollie M.

    Omggggg love it haha xx

  • Toni L.


  • Jennifer C.

    Aww need to get this, lol

  • Dana M.

    Aww cute x

  • Alice T.

    This is amazing x

  • Jenny A.

    I will buy Erin it ! It's ace x

  • Samantha H.

    Omg that's actually amazing !!!! Xxx

  • Chris T.

    gotta stock up on essentials! :kissing_heart: xx

  • Michelle C.

    This is my new work pencil case.......fact!!!! Thank you sweet lady :heart::heart:

  • Kristen M.

    , bet Amelia would love this for school :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: X

    • Celine B.

      Love it :purple_heart:

  • Jo E.

    Blatantly need it

  • Maria F.

    Aw look I need a new pencil case xxxxx

  • Lee-Ann R.

    & !!!!! How cute :blush:

    • Fiona R.

      I saw this and looked into it... It added up with delivery!

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