Back To School: Lego Lunch Box With Handle £12.99 Delivered @ Argos

Lego Lunch Box With Handle £12.99

My little one is starting school in September and has decided to take a packed lunch rather than school dinners, mainly because she is a fusspot!

I have been looking about for a lunch box for her that will stand out and she won't get confused with other children's.

I spotted this fab Lego Lunch Box over at Argos for £12.99, it will certainly stand out that's for sure!

This lunch box is an online exclusive to Argos and is therefore available for home delivery only, but the good news is it will be delivered completely FREE!

The lunch box itself has the iconic Lego design and looks just like a Lego building brick. It has a handle also so it is easy to carry around for youngsters. It is available in Blue* or Red*.

As it is made from plastic it is really easy to keep clean as it is wipeable. That is such a great feature, my daughter is forever coming home with squashed banana and yoghurt all over the outside of her fabric lunch box, it drives me mad as it is so hard to get clean!


  • Rachael C.

    I have these for my sons,fits quite a lot in

  • Jenny S.

    How cool!!! Will have a look...thanks xx

  • Natalia B.

    They're super cool!

  • Steven F.

    I need one of those :joy:x

  • Sarah F.

    Haha they are fab xx

  • Chyvonne W.

    £13 that's actually really good! X

  • Amanda T.

    Class omg:heart_eyes:

  • Nicki T.

    I need one.!!! X

  • Lyn C.

    for taking it lunch to work they are cool xxx

    • Angela C.

      Oh now I really need one of those. Xxx

  • Emma C.

    Love these xx

  • Lisa P.

    I may have to get one for next term.

  • Teresa C.

    These are smart. Love them. , :grinning:

  • Fi C.

    how good are these!!

    • Lynny M.

      Wicked x

  • Vicky C.

    Oh aren't they great x

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