Snack Pets Freezable Lunch Box £2.99 @ Home Bargains

Snack Pets Freezable Lunch Box £2.99 @ Home Bargains

Why have I never seen these before?! They are such a fantastic idea and one that makes me wonder how I have lived without them previously!

The Snack Pets Freezable Lunch Box is the ideal lunch box for school days or days out, it features a gel pack which can be put in the freezer to keep your food cold for 7 hours. Saves you lugging around a huge picnic bag on a hot day!

They normally retail for around £12.99 but over at Home Bargains you can pick one up for just £2.99!

These cute little lunch bags come in a few different designs, there's Milky the mischievous cow, Flipper the fantastic dolphin, Cherry the curious ladybird or Baxter the brilliant dog. Sadly they are picked at random so you don't get to choose your pet but they are all equally cute!

Not only can you freeze the gel pack to keep your food cold, you can also unzip the lunch bag the whole way round and unfold it to turn it into a ready made plate to eat from! It is also called a play mat as it has a design on the inside to keep little one's occupied.

The lunch box is made from anti-microbial material to help fight bacteria which can grow easily on food prep items. It is also BPA free and PVC free and is easy to clean.

These lunch boxes are available for home delivery only, prices start from just £0.50. Don't forget to take a look instore too as they may be in stock at your local Home Bargains.


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  • Corrine S.

    Wow. I've seen these in the works and they looked great, but we're very pricey.

    • Lindsey S.

      might have a wee look in HB for a couple of these. :laughing:

      • Aileen B.

        Fab wee lunch bags... I got them last time they were in stock at HB

        • Gillian A.

          this is a good idea for kids lunches!