Shein Sell School Bags And Many Are Under £15!

Order now and get them in time for the kids going back to school!
Shein Sell School Bags And Many Are Under £15!

You may think of bargain dresses and tops when you think of Shein, but you can now think of them for Back to School stuff too. Okay, so their idea of school uniform is a bit out there, but their school bag selection is fabulous. You can pick up a really nice backpack for under £15.

Shein School Bags

If you've shopped with Shein before you'll know that some stuff can take a couple of weeks to arrive, so we recommend that you put that order if now so that it arrives in time for the schools going back.

The selection is unreal so you are spoilt for choice. The good thing is that your child is bound to find one and you'll be spared those hours of trailing the shops.

Want something that's going to be different from everyone else's? This Cow Print Backpack* at £12.49 or this Cartoon Charm Plaid Release Buckle Decor Backpack* for £8.75 is just the ticket. Plainer ones can be had for just under the £6 mark.

This4pcs Cartoon Graphic Backpack Set* is fantastic value for money at just £9.49 - you get the backpack, tote bag, pencil case and pouch.

If backpacks don't cut it then snap up this Minimalist Large Capacity Tote Bag*from £3.75. It's big enough to fit ring binders and books in.

Tip... look out for exclusive money-off coupons for those of you placing your first order.

Save on the shipping charge by spending £35+.


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