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Tesco F&F School Uniform Embroidery Service

I have only very recently found out about the School Uniform Embroidery Service from Tesco. My friend's son started school last year and they were advised to purchase the school uniform via Tesco.

All of the clothing was embroidered with the school's logo and seemed to be a lot cheaper than buying it directly through the school itself.

If you would like to use this service you will need to click on the link above and see if your school is included. If it is you can then view a range of school uniform that is available for you to purchase. If your school is not on the list you can send a request to see if it can be added.

Polo shirts and t-shirts start from £4.50, sweatshirts start from £7, cardigans from £8, backpacks are £8 and book bags and P.E bags are £5 each. If you need extra items, like skirts and trousers that don't have to be embroidered, check out our article on where to find the cheapest school uniform.

What is great about this service is that not only is it potentially saving you money, it also makes money for your child's school. Tesco make a 5% cash donation from sales to your school, they have already donated nearly £700,000!

Plus when you click onto your child's school you can see how much has been donated already.

Home delivery is £3 and is FREE if you are a delivery saver customer.


  • Louise R.

    My Sons' school do this - great service and reasonably priced too. Order early though due to demand xx

  • Kelly C.

    Our school won't do it :/

  • Jennie G.

    Jumpers and cardi's are rubbish. Colour fades and don't keep their shape :confused:

  • Hilary P.

    if you have a choice don't use it!!! it shrinks fades and doesn't keep it's shape or last, our school has had so many complaints about the quality and service that they have gone back to their original school supplier!

  • Beki D.

    Our school have just signed up but already the wrong colour is being sent out and everything is on a 28 day delivery, not a great start!

    • Beverley S.

      I found the jumpers ok - but the t-shirts did seem to lose there shape after umpteen washes - I still bought him two more though as extras x

    • Beverley S.

      Could be my dodgy washing though! Lol :see_no_evil: x

  • Kathryn S.

    They left a letter off the school name. It was glaringly obvious as soon as I opened the parcel

  • Holly M.

    I got mine from tesco they are terrible they shrink go out of shape and the colour fades. Total waste of money.

  • Helena M.

    I've ordered. All looks good, cardigans are good material, not the thin stuff you usually get. Was really quick to. It said upto 28 days but only took a week. Only issue I had was they had sold out of my eldest size so just got one up and will pop it in the dryer

    • Anna M.

      Ours haven't shrank in the dryer which is a good thing really. I'm sure size up won't be too much bigger on your child though.

  • Tania W.

    I ordered this last year and polo shirts and sweatshirts still look great ordered more this year

  • Elaine P.

    Been using it two years now. Stuff is great. Washes well and dries well too. Don't find they go out of shape or fade.

  • Kerry B.

    Used them the last two years very quick delivery if you order at the beginning if the holidays. My second is starting school and he will be wearing his big brothers old jumpers and t-shirts. No complaints wash well and have kept colour.

  • Emma L.

    Even our school ? X

  • Chris M.

    Nope just checked :pensive: x

  • Nicola M.

    Bit of a mix reviews below maybe i will order 1 and see what its like x

  • Lucy A.

    We've sent all ours back too...the jumpers were like a t-shirt material; they'd of never kept them warm in winter!!! Xx

  • Anna M.

    I've used them the last 3 years and I'm impressed the jumpers/cardigans are very good quality nice and thick. Great if you can wait for an offer code too.

  • Samantha P.

    Awful service. Plus never had my child's size .. Ever !! Don't use it if u can go elsewhere. !!

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