Is the Cost Of School Uniform Unreasonable?

Is the Cost Of School Uniform Unreasonable?

What do you think about the price of school uniforms these days?

Given that you can snap up a school uniform for as little as £4 from Aldi and £3.65 from Lidl, would you describe the cost of school uniforms as 'unmanageable'?

Some 95 per cent of parents do think school uniform costs are unmanageable, according to research by The Children's Commission on Poverty and support by The Children's Society.

Parents with children in state maintained schools said they spent £316 per year on school uniform for children attending secondary school and £251 per year for primary school children.

Unsurprisingly, school shoes were cited as the most expensive school uniform item for children in both primary and secondary school, followed by coats and bags.

Blazers were also deemed to be one of the most expensive school uniform purchases, with parents spending an average of £42 on a blazer per child for those in secondary school.

When setting uniform policy, schools are expected to adhere to guidance, set by the Department for Education, which states that uniform must be affordable.

Yet many schools insist that parents buy specific items of school clothing from specialist shops, which adds to the high cost of buying school uniform. Consequently, parents say they are spending an average of £151 per year more than they think is "reasonable" on school uniforms.

The report states:

"Parents say that this is leading to children going to school in ill—fitting school uniform, being sent home from school or to families cutting back on food or other basic essentials. Based on responses to our survey, we estimate that 1.2 million school children go to school in incorrect, unclean or poorly fitting uniform as a result of the cost. 400,000 children have been sent home because of wearing incorrect uniform as a result."

We'd like to hear your views on this story. Do you agree that school uniform costs are unreasonable, or do you think that supermarket bargains like Aldi's and Lidl's bargain basement uniforms mean there's no excuse for complaining about the cost of school uniform?

And if you do think school uniform costs are unreasonable, do you worry about the possibility of your child being bullied for wearing ill-fitting or incorrect clothes to school?

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  • Heidi M.

    I find the price of the blazer too much , I shop around for blouses etc but trousers have to be a certain grey or my daughter gets sent home , they cost near on £20 from a school shop , yes she looks very smart but the cost in total is too much , for my boys uniform I can get most from asda at a decent price

    • Lauren M.

      I had 2 Blazers in the 6 years I was as senior school. That's £6 a year, not too bad when u think of it like that

    • Claire B.

      But not every school charges the same Lauren. The secondary school our children will go to charges £85 for a blazer...

  • Gemma E.

    My mum & I were talking, the other day, about how much cheaper uniform is now compared to when I was at school.

    • Katie G.

      I think that too! I have my son 5 full uniforms, including 4 logod jumpers and 3 logo polos which cost me around £65 £65 for 4 jumpers, 5 polos and 5 pairs of trousers is a lot cheaper than it would cost me to get him 5 pairs of jeans, tops and jumpers. 5 pairs of jeans alone would cost me a minimum of £50

    • Gemma E.

      I got 2 blouses for my daughter for £1.50 the other day, they'll probably be grey & knackered by Easter but at that price, who cares! lol.

  • Katie M.

    If your school doesn't insist on children wearing uniform with a badge then uniform Is very reasonably priced! Having to purchase uniforms through the school to have the badge embroidered on a jumper doubles the price if not more! If your children are anything like mine then the uniform is in no state to be handed down to the younger sibling by the end of term either :joy: x

  • Fiona S.

    Cheaper than the pressure to put them in named clothing 5 days a week.....

  • Katy S.

    Imagine the costs of kitting them out in regular clothes! The pressure on the kids to have and the parents to provide the most popular brands and designs would be ridiculous! I'd much rather pay for uniform than feel forced to send my sons in their best clothes every day!

    • Danielle C.

      Only problem is high school when they all want trainers.

    • Katy S.

      My eldest has just gone up to secondary school and they have to have plain black shoes no trainers allowed other than for PE thankfully!

    • Sadie C.

      School.uniforms are the best way but when schools insist on branded everything that cost far more than an non branded uniform then that another matter

    • Katy S.

      Definitely! Our secondary school only insists on the jumper, tie ans pe kit having the official logo the rest is just bog standard white shirt/black trousers. For his last year in junior school i did buy the official school shirts last year for him and his brother and it cost us a fortune... it was done through pure laziness though a quick spin in the drier and they were completely crinkle free the cheaper ones I'd bought the previous year took me bloody ages to iron!

  • Emma S.

    Went to buy my son's uniforms the other day and was shocked the sweatshirts had gone up by £2!! I checked the other sweatshirts for other schools and saw they were still £8/9 and when I asked they said it's coz it's a bigger logo and more stitches!! So I spent £51 on 4 sweatshirts and 2 water bottles! Luckily you can find the rest really cheap.

  • Charlie K.

    My eldest has to have a blazer and tie but rest of the stuff is ok from other places and i dont think at a cost of £26 is bad as her first one lasted 3 years. I would much rather pay for a uniform then her wear normal kit as price would shoot up

  • Tracey F.

    I don't mind the cost as it's only once a year, but I found it expensive this year with my youngest starting. My eldest is at high school and has to have a specific skirt, pe kit and jumper and my younger two at primary have to have ties and specific jumpers, and their jumpers cost £16.99 each!! Xx

  • Amanda S.

    The funny thing is for my daughters school is the trousers and skirts have to be purchased at the school uniform shop yet when there is a fete and old uniform is sold it all seems to be from somewhere else. I really don't see what difference a uniform makes to a child learning. Even the hairbands at my child's school have to be black. It's madness how much her uniform costs , a different top for different types of pe as well.

  • Lauren M.

    No- if they didn't have uniform they would need normal clothes and some people spend a fortune on them

    • Halema P.

      Really glad our school has uniforms as I would spend a fortune on our 4

    • Joanna P.

      I agree ! It's a lot harder at 6th form with no uniform!

  • Jo S.

    Uniform is cheap....if your school allows what you can buy on the high street. When they insist on embroidered school crests and blazers it can become expensive. Does an embroidered white t shirt, really make for a better pe performance?

    • Nikki S.

      Does what a child's wearing impact on their learning ability? Uniforms especially strict ones are really not needed imo

      (Obvs comfy weather appropriate etc)

    • Julie Z.

      Ah but it stops children being singled out by their peers because they are not wearing the latest fashions. (speaking as a victim of such exclusion as a child).

    • Nikki S.

      Or we could teach our children not to behave in that way towards others

    • Jo S.

      I have a 22 yr old and 19 yr old daughters and now my 4 yr old is starting school. My girls never had latest trends as I couldn't afford them. Even in the uniform some kids 'had' to have certain trousers, shoes etc. Well mine went with what they got. They are both confident, girls with friends that count and a value of money. Kids can't grow up thinking they have to have things to fit in; its a fake confidence. They need to learn, that its not material things that makes them a beautiful person xx

    • Jo S.

      As for uniforms; I like that he can ruin school trousers that cost £3.50 rather than jeans costing £8.00 (I do hate that our kids are like prisoners thou. Eat when told, sit when told, line up when told, break when told....)

    • Katrina S.

      Totally agree and then when school wants two pe kits too both Embroidered

  • Diane T.

    It actually saves me money cause b4 he started school i spent loads on his cloths wereas his uniform i buy him for september lasts him all year.

  • Kirsty M.

    2 eldest at high school Compulsory logo P.E kit, compulsory school bag and compulsory tie at a cost of £64 .. Blazer with compulsory school badge £30. Then trousers and shirts £20-30 and real leather shoes £30+. So around £140 each

    The 2 younger in primary School shoes £20-£30 Trousers and polo shirts £10-£15 (fits in 4 years) Pinafores, polos, dresses £10-£20 Both get a free logo jumper/cardigan Extras £10 each

    Costs me a bomb every year but I would rather my kids were smart and in uniform that lasts!

  • Sadie C.

    My sons school has branded blazers or badge. Branded Rugby shirts, shorts and socks. Branded PE shirts and polo shirt. I buy trousers and shirts elsewhere. Going on £100 + to set them up with everything Including aprons, house colour ties, foot ball boots etc then it optional to hire a locker.

  • Lisa C.

    My granddaughter is starting nursery at just 3. Has to have a uniform! Crazy

    • Gill J.

      All of my kids have had uniform age 3..From private nursery to school nursery. Sometimes they integrate the nursery kids with reception class by a day visit, play ground or assembly. It gets them used to it..My eldest was doing joined up writing age 3 at her nursery.x

    • Lisa C.

      My gd is quite small for her age . Her uniform will fit when she is about 10 !! This is a state school as well.

    • Gill J.

      My son was the same. He was wearing age 18 months/24 months trousers from Next wedding range at £18 a pair as he has short legs. He's nearly 7 and only just in 5/6 trousers. They do age 3 dresses etc...x

    • Lisa C.

      Have a feeling Nana might have to take the dress up

  • Helen A.

    or pay and wreck??? :joy::rage:

  • Princess S.

    One daughter in high school says as long as she looks good she's happy to wear it so can get away with anything expect blazer it has to have a specific color of piping given the year you are in n daughter in primary her school is happy as long as they are smart if it's embroidered great if not they don't mind as long as they are tidy n smart so uniform is expensive but I've saved a few pennies shopping about

  • Hayley L.

    3 kids in high school and their school has to have school skirts with logos!

  • Victoria B.

    My little girl has to have cardigan...skirt ..tie tshirt...all from the school shop...!! She is only 5 so i buy three sets of everything ..with her shoes ( I must admit i do spend more on shoes) then her shirts ..socks tights etc it does soon add up but it is easier then wearing own clothes even if they do have non uniform every other bloody Friday :joy::joy:

  • Lisa K.

    I dont think all the non logo stuff should be allowed in schools, uniform is set by each school, not just to make the school look good, but to prevent bullying. There are always people selling used logo uniform on facebook these days, most of which still looks brand new. I have a very low income and struggle, but I have the rule that unless my kids grow out of it, it gets bought once a year (like most parents) which means I always know it is coming so I do something called SAVING for it. If you manage to save for xmas then you can save for your childrens uniform. I Have bought 2 Cardigans, 2 T-shirts and 2 Jumpers all with Logo (which all kids should be wearing as it is the uniform) for £42.00 this week amazing quality I for one cant say £42 is expensive for 6 items of clothing.

    • Donna W.

      I am very much for uniforms, but I don't believe you should be forced to buy the logo ones for primary schools. My daughter (7 at the time) 'lost' her cardigan second day of term, another 2 weeks later and a third and 4th before the start of December! (And by 'lost' I believe they were taken (because at her previous school we never had anything get lost) but I could never prove it) I actually sent her to school for a week in December without one on at all to try and teach her to look after them (and hopefully make whoever was taking them feel guilty) had they been logo ones it would have cost me a fortune, as it was they were tesco/asda ones at around £8 each (still a lot for 4!) I did buy her another 1 and one of her 'lost' ones did turn back up. And yes they were all named, but on the tags. I now have iron on labels that are very hard to remove.

    • Liz L.

      I bought my 7 year old's entire junior school kit for that price. However that is also the price of just two 'compulsory' items for my stepsons new senior school which are only allowed to be bought from the school approved supplier

    • Sadie C.

      My sons school set up is over £100 each ( grammar school) Saving that amount is not easy if you're living on a tight budget. I'm lucky as we can afford to save but not everyone can

    • Sadie C.

      And not everyone can afford Christmas either

    • Alisha G.

      My daughter wears school uniform without the school logo quite a few do no one has ever commented or been bullied because of it

  • Hayley W.

    My eldest off to high school and has cost £100 so far and yet to get 4 pairs (yes4 pairs) of shoes yet 2xpe trainers 1 pair football boots & shoes :frowning:

  • Kelly C.

    It's the school logo uniform that's costs!

  • Catherine R.

    Look at the tesco embroidery, that's cheap, paid £20 for a blazer and was a lot cheaper than anywhere else, plus tesco donates a percentage of the money to the school you bought the uniform for. £4.50 for a t-shirt and these are for teenage kids, really reasonable prices.

    • Lesley C.

      Works if you have a Teso near you

    • Catherine R.

      They deliver to your house you can't get them in shops

  • Mandy C.

    I prefer my girls wearing school uniform as it would cost a fortune to wear normal modern clothes what does get my angry that it's not cheap when you have to buy 3 girls uniforms and yet if you don't work you get your clothing vouchers and doesn't cost you anything

  • Helen M.

    Uniforms are cheap - it's the logo stamped compulsory items only available at the school shop which are a killer. But of course, the schools don't just sell the badge to sew on a £2 asda cardigan . . .

  • Melissa M.

    Not when you can't by on the high street except for trousers. Even my daughters skirt has to be from them at the cost of £16 each!

  • Gemma G.

    My daughter starts school in September and I've been surprised how cheap uniforms are! Fortunately her school only require jumpers/cardigans and PE shirts to be "official" but even they are very reasonable. I'd much rather buy a bulk of uniforms for the year than either dressing her like a scruff or having umpteen pieces of clothing ruined. After 3 years of nursery and a constant battle with Vanish not to mention the daily battle of "I want to wear my [XYZ]!", I'm looking forward to uniforms!

  • Vicki H.

    I spent £40 on 2x polo shirts and 2x cardigans as they had to be embroidered. I think it's a disgrace!

  • Danielle C.

    You can get cheap uniform but if you expect it to last a whole year you often have to buy better quality. I find it really expensive to send the kids back to school between uniform, shoes ect and especially when they are older and you have more than 1 at school.

  • Sarah O.

    It's when it comes to secondary school uniform that it gets expensive, everything has to have school logo on even down to pe kit, my LG starts school in September and I have just bought 2 school sweatshirts £21 it's silly money much prefer the supermarket clothes I have bought , and it wears better too.

  • Leah F.

    My 3 are now in high school. They all need a uniform.coat and PE kit with the school badge. Ive spent over £250 this holiday on school uniform so far :hushed:

    • Halema P.

      I did that last yr too but their logo stuff has lasted

    • Leah F.

      There is hope then.yay! X

    • Halema P.

      Only had to buy white shirts and trousers this yr;)

    • Leah F.

      Hoorah!! X

  • Liz L.

    Yes it's way too expensive. My youngest cost nothing as he wears my 7 year olds uniform that is still in fine condition. My 7 year old has only cost £40 for junior school for his entire kit. But senior school? Just one blazer cost nearly £27 and that's without all the other 'compulsory' items that the school will only allow to be bought from the school itself. Regular clothes would not cost over 100 for a year 7 pupil

  • Shelley R.

    I find it really reasonable, but my daughter is young enough to be in pinafores and plain supermarket cardigans. The most expensive item is shoes. Sure it'll annoy me more when she has to have the official jumpers and such

  • Magi B.

    School uniform u can get for a good price, ay have 3boys first 2 needed named bag/ trousers/shoes/jumper bla bla bla, 3 just wants the uniform, if he gets bullied coz no named gear i will go skitso, as long as he has a good first year withoot the bulling i will be a happy mum, we aint got the money for named shit, spesh when ma boys doesni want, av got a pair of size 4 leather vans for sale 25ono coz ma bairn dizni like them: brand new paided 35,

    • Teresa S.

      Our school doesn't allow named brands luckily.

  • Amie C.

    It's cheap .. The embroidered items can be pricey and you shouldn't be forced to buy them.

  • Rebecca N.

    I thought clarks shoes this year are more sure i paid £35 a pair ...this year it was £42 a pair..fed up with it all .. we have less money to do stuff in the holidays as were buying uniform mostly embroidery stuff from uniform shop!! Nightmare

    • Jodi A.

      I'd not spend that on shoes! especially as my boy gets through a pair every half term :fearful:

    • Marion M.

      Have they really gone up this year :cry: I have four pairs to buy

    • Michele P.

      I believe there are other shops that sell shoes at much cheaper prices, like say Supermarkets? OR maybe I'm wrong - maybe overpriced shoes from Clarkes is the ONLY way to purchase children's school shoes. If you are insisting on your children having expensive Clarks shoes then you can't really complain about having less money.

    • Selina S.

      I only buy clarks for school because thry in them all day 5days a week i think they need to be fitted correctly and comfy for all day

    • Vicki B.

      I buy my kids school shoes from clarks because they last them. My daughters last pair lasted her the whole school year and still looked like they were only a few days old at the end of term, my twins lasted until xmas and then from jan to the end of term if there feet hadnt of grown they would of seen the year through also. So £42 for a pair of shoes is expensive but when i pay £10-£20 for cheaper shoes my kids have ruined them within 3-4 weeks so end up paying more in the long run.

    • Lauren W.

      I agree, if you buy cheap you buy twice. My daughters Clarks have cost me £38 this year :disappointed_relieved:

    • Neil W.

      Buying cheaper school shoes is false economy. Tried it once for both my kids and the shoes were replaced within 3 weeks. Clarks shoes will last us a whole school year

    • Rebecca N.

      Thats why i buy clarks... my little girl was born with club foot..had phsio to correct it ..will not put anything on her feet unless they are properly fitted. Dont get me wrong i buy cheap socks..shirts..bags..pens.. but have to buy the rest from the uniform shop!! Kids should have good shoes and good coats and thats the way my mum brought me up and so on...

    • Laura C.

      Luckily i have a Clark's outlet near me, might be worth seeing where your nearest is? If you have a few pairs to buy it might work out cheaper even with petrol costs.

    • Elaine H.

      Good shoes are worth it but go to Clarks outlet if possible as they are last season so cheaper, but in all honesty not that much different from the new season look. I bought leather M&S shoes, same shoe as last year and they have gone up in price too...

    • Halema P.

      We go to a Clarks outlet half the price

  • Louise F.

    Yes!!! I have to buy 2 badged school uniforms. They have risen in price this year I notice and I was shocked at how much it has cost. I prefer school uniform to civvie clothes but it's ridiculous how much uniform and shoe companies charge. We have two shops in my town who provide our school uniforms and they know they can charge what they like because we can't shop elsewhere.

  • Melanie A.

    My 11 year old son goes off to comp in September and by the time we buy everything it will be £150+ then an extra £45 a month for the bus this doesn't include his shoes or the required black trainers and tracksuit for pe. Thankfully my 4 year old daughters is a lot cheaper and has cost me less than £50 in total and that includes a lovely winter coat X

  • Rhiannon A.

    Uniforms are cheaper than having to have outfits every day that then get ruined. The money comes in when schools insist on buying sweatshirts from the school. 10 quid say 30 for the 3 to cover a week. Times my 3 kids...90 in jumpers....

  • Melanie F.

    This is first year both of my girls are at secondary school and so far have spent just over £300 knitting them out and still have school shoes to get yet . A large proportion of the cost has been the jumpers and branded pe kit as have been able to get trousers and shirts from supermarket to keep costs lower

  • Shelly

    primary school uniform you can get very cheap these days which I'm very happy with its secondary school that's expensive the one in my town you got to buy the Pe top socks and tie in there house colours from the school and I also got to buy school jumper from the school one jumper is 23 pound I just had to spend 46 pound on 1 jumper 1 pair of socks 1 Pe top and 1 tie still have to buy trousers shirts shoes bag and other stuff where as for my daughter at primary she's pretty much sorted and I only spent 30 pound on her i think secondary school uniform should be a bit cheaper

  • Theresa S.

    I don't see the problem to Be honest! Sainsburys, aldi and Lidl do uniform really cheap.I bought my daughters nursery one from the uniform shop last year and it cost me £35 just for the polo shirts and sweatshirts with nursery name on it, this year I bought all her stuff from sainsburys and Lidl.Its only costing £2.50 to have her nursery logo embroidered on each sweatshirt and cardigan(but that's my choice - they don't need to have it on it- in fact nursery uniform not compulsory at all).Anyone who says they "need named clothes,bags etc) should read the definition of "need". My daughter will get what I say we can afford.When she gets older if she "wants" named stuff she can save up her own money for it.Too many kids demanding designer school stuff now and these are the ones who look Down on kids who don't have it.There is nothing wrong with high street school uniform and its down to parents to teach their kids this and teach them to be respectful.I think the problem With expense is more in England because in Scotland our schools don't demand that kids have logos etc - it's about educating at the end of the day and whether they have logos in their clothes or whether they are designer does not affect their learning in any way.

  • jempots88

    I've always thought that schools should allow generic uniforms from the likes of aldi etc. The jumpers there are only £4/5. I was shocked with my son and daughters primary school in the UK. I purchased my son 3 compulsory crested jumper for reception year at £9 a pop and then the next year they switched to crested zipped fleeces that were £15 each. They were no longer allowed to wear the old jumpers and in an area where a lot of people were single parent or low income families, a lot of pressure was put on the children and families. To make it worse my daughter started nursery at age 2 and also had to have a full uniform compulsory including the crested fleece. Because she was so small the only place that did her size skirt etc was M&S and Clarkes were the only place for shoes. It cost me a fortune and her fleece was a different colour for nursery to reception so she couldn't even use it for a few years.That being said I have just moved to Rep of Ireland and my son has to have a compulsory crested tracksuit for his two PE days which is 35 euro and a crested jumper at 20 euro so I'm worse off now.

  • Marie B.

    My daughter has to have the trousers or skirt with the school badge on at £25 a piece :confused: every item has there badge on its ridiculous

  • Steven S.

    Surely wearing a tie is the cheapest option as all colours of trousers/shirts/skirts etc can be sourced cheaply

    • Shelly N.

      Not all colours. James school have red shirts in year 11 only available from the school shop at £20 for 2 and they have just changed the pe kit so cost me £35 for 1 top 1 shorts and a pair of socks. Facebook selling sites are great though as i got him a brand new blazer for £15 instead of 40. Some bits can be got cheap but the stuff with the logos are expensive.

  • Helen M.

    My daughter goes high school this year and it's already cost 180 and still need shoes and personal joggers yet :see_no_evil:

  • Kelly Y.

    The secondary school my boys go to Is very expensive just the outdoor p.e top is £26 then there is lots more needed, I must pay over £200 each a year, that's bags blazer, p.e kit shirts tie, trousers, jumpers an all the rest x

  • Amanda M.

    Buy it ahead of time in the sales. I bought pinafores and cotton polo shirts from debenhams for the same price as supermarket brand, and they wash so much better. Embroidered stuff is unavoidable, but you can make the savings elsewhere.

  • Toni B.

    Don't no why schools insist on making your children wear clothes with a badge on it. School uniform is so cheap from the heigh street but to get everything with badges on cost double the money. But what do you do send you child to school different because you disagree with prices and stump up the extra bill to keep you child looking the same as their friends

    • Nicola C.

      Agreed, then you have schools like my daughters who insisted on a pale grey blazer with blue trim and school badge which is impossible to buy in normal shops and costs up to £47 each! That's not including all the other specialised items they need :( x

    • Toni B.

      That's mad. The thing is they no your not going to single your child out and send them in different uniform as much as I would love to. I don't want to put my children I a situation they may get bullied as I no what children are like x

  • Vicky C.

    Buy when on offer! Lifted my son out in m&s with 20% and it cost about £60! Only need to replace a couple of pair of trousers he grew out of for this year and some new polo shirts. Do people not make things last any more? I was brought up with everything being bought big so it lasted at least two years. If id had a blazer in secondary school, my mum would have bought a bigger one and fully expected it to last throughout my time at school! I only ever needed a new skirt each year and to have the odd shirt replaced. I use the same principal for my kids now!

  • Lynne C.

    Aldi school trousers and skirts are reduced to £1.25 and cover ages 4-11. Very good quality too.

  • Neil W.

    Kitted my 5 year old out with school uniform including coat and pe kit for 50 quid which is very reasonable. I still need to get shoes but always buy Clarks shoes but that's because they last. My daughter is starting secondary school this year and I was dreading the cost of her uniform, specific shirts, skirts etc, not to mention embroidery but I was quite surprised at how reasonable it was

    • Teresa S.

      Really? Our blazers are £37, checked skirt £25, tie £6, pe top £18, pe shorts £12, boys pe socks £4, pe hoody £16, pe tracksuit bottoms £18. Then there's the coat (plain black or navy), shoes, trainers, bag, stationary (including specific calculator), correct colour socks and hair bobbles (only allowed navy or white!!). Are we being ripped off?

    • Halema P.

      Our school blazers are £20 from tesco embroidery site,p.e.tops are £6,ties £3.50 and rest from asda and tesco

    • Neil W.

      Most of the uniform I had to get is specific so was unable to get any skirts, blouses etc and I was thinking it would be a fortune. Don't get me wrong it wasn't really cheap but not too bad. The uniform for my 5 year old isn't specific so it's all from Asda!

  • Emma S.

    Our last school was very strict with badges and only black or grey socks, no trainers. And it was really good to see all the children looking smart, And the current school my children are at, it looks awful, no one matches, they don't look smart. I know it's only clothing and it doesn't effect the learning.

  • CarolAnn S.

    I totally agree that all schools should have uniform. It should be the parents choice where to buy it. If embroidered logos are required by the school then these should be readily Available as sew ons. Or done by recommended shops at a price everyone can afford, if kids are all dressed the same and not in 'designer gear' then no one is any better than the others, stopping bullying and makes for a pleasant atmosphere. Then it's just brain power to concentrate on, not the designer wear that a lot of people can't afford.

  • Maria W.

    My boy going into comprehensive already about £200, even the school trousers have to be logo'd, £34 for two pairs of trousers for an 12 yr old just for the sake of a little shadow logo .

  • Claire H.

    Infant and primary were a doddle. Shoes were the most expensive thing. Probably £50 tops for everything inc bag.Secondary we spent nearly £200.

  • Lisa K.

    my children do not have all designer stuff and I wouldn't buy them all designer stuff but I always buy logo uniform always have always will I struggle really bad for money but I always manage to save for things they need and for Christmas yes sometimes that leaves me short of things but as long as my children have got what they need I don't mind being left shorts my son is starting this year and my daughter is going into Year 6 yes nursery uniform is not compulsory but my son was still have logos uniform for school as that is the uniform that is set by the school just like the majority of schools across the UK I make sure both my kids always have the uniform set by the school I'm just because children in one of your schools have been bullied for not having things it doesn't mean children in other schools don't get bullied if having logos someans they do not get bullied then I will buy logo uniform for my children

  • Joanne L.

    It's the human cost I don't like. It's made in sweat shops, most likely by children. It's annoying that I can get non uniform children's clothing, that is fair trade and organic for the same price or cheaper but cannot send them to school in it.

  • Teresa S.

    Kitting my daughter out for the Grammar school last year cost about £200. Got my son to do this year. :neutral_face: Luckily my daughter hasn't grown much!

  • Sarah M.

    I don't mind the uniform but what annoys me is that children have a set uniform should the teachers!!

    ! My daughter not allowed to ear her nomination bracelet but her teacher wears hers!!! It should be the same for them !

    No earrings !! ... but teachers wear them !!

    No hair colour ! Teacher has bright red dyed hair!!!

    No jewellery! But teachers can!! They should only be allowed to wear a wedding ring /engagement ring !!

    No over the knee skirts !! Tight skirts ...teachers wear them !

    Show the same respect teachers !!

  • Siöbhan M.

    Our school this term decided to implement the shirt, tie and v neck jumper and a change in colour for trousers so I had to rebuy everything and so again this year including the crest has cost me over £100, and that's not including the uniform you have to buy half way through. Shockingly expensive

  • Kayley H.

    Kids uniform should be free its too expensive 11.25 for a school cardigam just because it has to have their logo on.... i think they should seel sew on logos from school ie 3 pounds each not only would it be cheaper for parentd but the school would raise funds for the school too

    • Halema P.

      You wait till they go to seniors and you have to pay for blazers and logo kit

    • Kayley H.

      Silly isnt it think ill start saving now

  • Sam M.

    no it is not cheap. at all .

  • Alison G.

    My son starts p1 next Tuesday think all in his school uniform has cost me £100 not bad as jumpers and coat will do him 2 years

  • Halema P.

    Uniform is not too bad but just glad that tesco embroidery do our children's blazers and p.e tops as half the price of shop

  • Angharad M.

    £17 school cardigan or £15 a jumper when u have more than 1 child it adds up.

  • Jodie S.

    So many people are saying uniform is cheap!! When you have to buy everything with a logo on please tell me where it is cheap the school uniforms are costing me over £500 this year for 4 children it's bloody ridiculous I know like so many I don't have that sort of cash laying around!!

  • Cheryl L.

    Far too expensive! Ive twins and the sch they go to wants 16 pound for 1 jumper!

  • Joanne D.

    One of my boys is in high school and he has to have logo trousers :angry: as well as logo blazer and full or kit.

  • Phil T.

    I detest the whole concept of uniforms but especially on children. At a time in their development when they are learning about their own identity this is done to them. They are induced to conform, taught that individuality is unwelcome, to join the line in a sausage producing factory. The army use the same method to depersonalise soldiers, prisons use to do it to prisoners till it was deemed to infringe their human rights. Uniforms are an anathma to the human spirit.

  • Mel T.

    Yes my daughters uniform to start grammar school this September has cost £475. That's without the iPad mini that is compulsory and £345 a term guitar lessons. I'm really struggling, but everything has to be from the school and all embroidered with a new colour embroidery each year :worried:

    • Joanna P.

      A compulsory iPad mini is an unfair request !

    • Mel T.

      Yep, I'm allowed to pay monthly to the school or buy our own outright but they are compulsory :worried:

  • Claire G.

    No if u can't get the colour you need !! Brown is a nightmare to get & if you don't shop online it's even harder

  • Polly K.

    Your basics uniform like polo shirts, plain shirts and skirts can be brought at reasonable price throughout the high street stores. However when you have to buy school logo items and we're looking at £10 plus for jumpers it can work out very expensive if you have more than one child. I do know that primary school uniform is cheaper and a dread the 2nd school as I know this will be a lot more money and more demands. But I'd rather my child attended a uniform school so there for I can't complain when I chose the school

  • Karen S.

    You can get some great deals in the supermarket, but if like mine, your children have to wear uniform from the school or a certain shop then the prices are to expensive.

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