Harry Potter Stationery From £2.49 @ B&M

Harry Potter Stationery From £2.49

Looking for school supplies for a Harry Potter fan? They can be pretty pricey, but luckily you can now bag Harry Potter stationery items from just £2.49 at B&M.

The range is new in stores, so hopefully you should be able to bag some of them before they sell out, as we think they will go pretty fast at these prices. Here's what you can get:

That bumper set looks particularly good value, as you're getting all of this for under a fiver: exercise book, pencil tin, ruler, gel pen, eraser, sharpener and five coloured pencils.

These items are in store only at B&M, and subject to availability.

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  • Amy E.

    She may just have a slight obsession.. She's already planning a Harry Potter 18th birthday banquet :see_no_evil: xx

  • Cheryl D.

    Already got the stationery set, but he wanted to coke can pencil case :joy:

  • Kacie L.

    Thats me set for uni!!

  • Helen T.

    Cud i pass this off ? Or am I too old ?!

  • Kelly H.

    Amazing, oh yh I want one. Nearly bought a Harry potter bag today in Primark, was going for £5 :grinning::grinning: xx

  • Sarah T.

    Tell the boy he HAS to have it for school ?? Lol

  • Bethany P.

    I saw!! Need to start buying arwens school stuff next week going to have to look!

  • Karen W.

    I might get some for myself:joy:

  • Sian J.

    If only I was still at school :joy::joy:

  • Becca P.

    I can already hear Tim cussing me for suggesting it :joy:

  • Amanda D.

    I need to get bailey that notebook and pencil case he will love it x

  • Katie D.

    :scream: they are awesome.im sure i could make up a reason for needing all this stationary :joy:

  • Jenny M.

    We need all of these right now

  • Anna L.

    Do you have a B&M near you?

  • Siobhan T.

    You need a new notebook lol :joy:

  • Natalie H.

    I’m with Laura now I’ll get her to keep an eye out x

  • Kerrie H.

    Nope I got the pencil case and stationary set from B&M :grin:

  • Rosina M.

    I just bought her a bunch of hp stationary from Tesco!! Never mind xx

  • Mark M.

    You need these for college :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Sarah E.

    Ooooh! I like this! I did see a Harry Potter pencil case in Tesco today as well!

  • Lemise B.

    oohhh yea :slight_smile: remind me I bought stamps for letter today xx

  • Leanne H.

    Been in twice and can’t find any :slight_frown:

  • Laura C.

    Oooooo bargain :heart_eyes: screw the child it's aĺl for me lol xx

  • Mark M.

    You bought stamps for the letter.

  • Ann M.

    Alfie would love these xx

  • Adam H.

    I know where I will be going after work tomorrow :)

  • Leanne W.

    Thank you, he longton one don't have any of this so head trent Vale lol xx

  • Vicky C.

    Is there a b and m in Strood?

  • Sarah G.

    Yes there is! If I do go tomorrow morning shall I pick u some up? Xx

  • Sarah C.

    il look in mine tomorrow lol xxx

  • Massie S.

    Omg got to keey eye out lol xx

  • Angela S.

    And from our favourite shop :blush:

  • Julia P.

    i know! as if! :grin::grin::grin:

  • Em L.

    Love!!!! I bet ours doesn't have it!! X

  • Millie H.

    OMG I'll be getting this shortly.... Xxx

  • Chantelle B.

    we're all set with the potter stuff, I think she's got pretty much everything :joy::clap:

  • Gaynor B.

    Ohhhhh a trip to B&M is needed this summer me thinks :thinking:

  • Kim R.

    Omg still got get tea towels yet xx

  • Lindsay F.

    Also...the husband won't even assume you're going for HP stuff like he would with Primark ;)

  • Tracy M.

    That’s a good price I’ll need to go have a look

  • Lilly L.

    Ohhh have to look for them, stocking fillers them :joy: Thank-you x

  • Jessica D.

    Yeah I’ll try go this weekend xx

  • Ellie C.

    Wow I didn’t know they did HP stuff!

  • Bex S.

    I saw them in our b&m last week 4got to tell u lol xx

  • Daniel S.

    Maybe help him look forward to school next term :thinking: xx

  • Mary-Beth D.

    Haha, I love it. :thumbsup_tone1::relaxed: x

  • Becky G.

    Definitely they look good

  • Teresa J.

    Ooooo thank you !!! Guess where we are going tomorrow !!! b & m

  • Kellie M.

    For my irish classes :joy::joy:

  • Laura B.

    Lol. Its a really good site to follow aswell they put loads of deals on xx

  • Elizabeth A.

    My supplies for going back? :joy::joy:

  • Julie W.

    Kid a Dainty-McQuad we need to find e

  • Hayley P.

    Aww we were there today never saw them gutted x

  • Alison K.

    I forgot nic was a potter fan! x

  • Louise M.

    Thanks Laura. She's harry potter daft lol xx

  • Vikki G.

    I’m gonna go down tomorrow :blush:

  • Emma P.

    I am leaving :joy::joy::joy:

  • Sophie O.

    That’s Dougies new school stuff sorted! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Mafe B.

    I was thinking exactly the same

  • Clare M.

    Oh will ne d to go n have a look thank you xx

  • Kelly F.

    Looks like it’s a trip to b&m x

  • Sarah W.

    They are nive and good quality, i saw them today, migbt nip back up amd get some next week x

  • Rebecca M.

    Oh wow!! Guess where were going this weekend

  • Cheryl M.

    Omg yes!!!

  • Rachael D.

    How amazing would it be if we could order this stationary at work?!

  • Melissa B.

    Mite go up saturday mrnin. If they have. Cud get if u need x

  • Katie R.

    I saw it I need them :heart_eyes:

  • Nicole D.

    Ahhhh I love it! Guess who’s taking a trip to BNM tomorrow :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

  • Natalie L.

    Oh my :scream::scream::scream: love it! X

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