Flamingos And Pineapples Stationery £1 In Poundworld

Flamingos And Pineapples Stationery £1 In Poundworld

Flamingos, pineapples and all things tropical are big this summer, and if you want to carry that through to the autumn with your kids school supplies head to Poundworld where you can grab stationery supplies for just £1 each.

They have a brand new range of stationery featuring flamingos and pineapples on a funky zig zag background, so you can fill those school bags for a bargain price.

There's pencil cases, ring binders, note books, pencil pots, filing and all sorts more and everything is just £1 each.

Poundworld no longer offer online shopping, so you'll have to pop in to your nearest store to look for these and be quick about it as they will sell out fast!

Click here* to find your nearest Poundworld store.

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  • Angela E.

    ! Some stationary for your new year and new class??!! X

    • Elle K.

      Going to go there soon as i am back!!

      • Angela E.

        enjoy the holiday! Your missing the great weather here!! Xx

      • Louise F.

        Yeah cheap pretty stationary we like :blush: xx

        • Kathryn H.

          I need this stuff for me!!

          • Bryley T.

            That needs to all be delivered to my house x

            • Victoria J.

              Oh. My. God. I need these!!!!!!

              • Helen W.

                We need them all obvs. :laughing:

                • Justin M.

                  I won't have room for anything in my house if I buy anymore!

                  • Becky L.

                    Yes I've seen it. It's really good. We brought loads of the Rose gold stuff. Loads of great designs in poundland at the min x

                    • Sarah T.

                      AAaahhhh PoundWORLD - no wonder I couldn't see them in PoundLAND :speak_no_evil:

                      • Tasha C.

                        OH MY GOD!! Where is the nearest?

                        • Emma F.

                          :pineapple::pineapple::pineapple::pineapple: perfect :grin::kissing_heart:

                          • Mags C.

                            I'm going to get some! Xx

                            • Anna S.

                              That's me set for third year

                              • Emma B.

                                :heart_eyes: Love them where is poundworld? :thinking: