Easy Back To School Hairstyles

3 August 2016
Easy Back To School Hairstyles

One of the hardest things in life is getting up on time after the school holidays, closely followed by brushing the tuggy hair of a reluctant girl.

Worry not! We have some brilliantly easy styles that'll have your little 'un looking brand new. You won't even break into a sweat achieving them because they are really easy.

The Fishtail Braid: It looks effective but it's one of the most simplest to achieve. Seriously, I couldn't believe how easy it is to do... Split the hair into two sections. Holding each section, pull a little strand of hair from the outside of one section and cross it over to the inside of the other section. Continue to do that from side to side and you will see a beautiful Fishtail Braid appear before your eyes.

The Side Pony: A simple Side Pony looks great on little girls through to teens. It is so, so simple to do - Sweep all the hair to one side and leave out a strand of hair to wrap around. Secure the hair into a ponytail with a hair bobble. Wrap the loose strand around where the bobble is and secure with a hair pin. That's all you need to do.

The Bow: One of the cutest hairstyles around. Doesn't matter if your daughter is five or fifteen - they can look awesome with one. Another one of those hairstyles that looks so much harder than it actually is. Scrape all of the hair into a high ponytail. When wrapping the bobble around for the last time, don't pull the hair through fully, leave it as a loop with around a quarter of the length hanging out. Split the loop in half to create two smaller hoops. Pin each of these with a hairgrip, so there's a loop at each side. With the length of hair left sticking out, pull it over smoothly between the two small loops and secure with a hairgrip. Voila! You have your pretty bow.

The Perfect Half Up-Half Down: A softer style which looks great on School Photo day. Put the hair into a middle parting and take a section of hair from the front, just to the ears will do. Sweep it back as it is, and stick in a hair bobble or plait the sections first (see fishtail braid above) and then fix in the bobble.

Pigtails: Split the hair down the middle so that you have equal parts on each side. Fix each side into a low ponytail to make it look neat, then do a three section braid or a simple but stylish fishtail one. This looks particularly adorable on small children especially if you fix with bows like these from Claire's*.


  • Fiona F.

    u need to see if there is any for u to try. X

  • Rosie L.

    All this 'back to school' stuff needs to disappear for at least a fortnight, please!

    • Kim D.

      Scottish schools go back on 16th so these posts won't disappear.

    • Gemma M.

      I feel your pain rosie. Feeling gutted 2 weeks have passed. Only feels like I just broke up

    • Kimberley S.


  • Leona J.

    We still have God knows how many weeks left till September

    Doesn't bare thinking about :sob::sob:

    • Laura W.

      Scotland goes back on 15th Aug that's prob y it's up just now X X.

  • Stephanie C.

    ideas for the girls xxx

  • Angela B.

    Ponytail, i wish! Just before my girls broke off school they suddenly got more demanding with their hair styles. Buns, Fishtail plats, Heart shaped braids. I dread to think what they are going to ask for next especially as im not a girly girl in the first place.

  • Lisa K.

    i wish i could so fench plats i really do

  • abi

    I can't wait to do my little girl's hair when she starts school next year! These hairstyles  are so cute! I remember my Mum always doing my hair before school. I really miss her, you know?

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