Best School Bags for Girls & Boys

Best School Bags for Girls & Boys

Nowadays there's so much choice when it comes to school bags. If you're scratching your head as to what's the most practical (and stylish) bag for your child, then you've come to the right place.

Latest School Bag Offers

School Bags for Girls

When it comes to school bags for girls, the choice is immense. There are so many different styles to choose from...




School Bags for Boys

There's not really much choice for boys when it comes to school bags, but this is because they tend to opt for a backpack or messenger bag...



Backpacks For School

Backpacks are the most practical school bag, no matter how old your child is, whether they go to Primary or Secondary School. They distribute weight across the back and shoulders, much more evenly than other types of bags.

Argos School Bags

Argos may not be your first port of call when it comes to Bags for School*, but their selection is incredible.

Adidas School Bags

Adidas school bags can be purchased from Argos*, Next*, Sports Direct*, as well as from Adidas* themselves. Adidas backpacks are especially popular for school, as they are hard-wearing and fashionable for bothBoys* and Girls*.

Nike School Bags

Nike sell a big range ofBags for School*, and are also available from JD Sports*, Zalando*, Sports Direct*and Argos* too. Like Adidas, these sporty school bags are practical and very popular with those older kids.


Best School Bags for Girls & Boys

Smiggle School Bags* couldn't be more popular. In fact, they are so sought after that second hand ones sell for not much less than new. They may not be cheap, but they will keep your child happy with their bright, practical designs.

Secondary School Bags

As soon as your darling child starts Secondary School, the type of bag you used to pick for them will no longer appeal. The thing is there's A LOT to carry when you attend Secondary School, so bigger bags are advisable.

Get your wallet out because things get that little more expensive. Vans* is a great place for trendy, yet practical bags. Debenhams* also sell school bags that are a little more grown up!

School Bags for Teens

What do you do when you have a teenager that isn't happy with yet another backpack for school? Head to River Island*, Superdry* andNew Look* that's what!

Hype Bags

If you're after a school bag that's cool, then you cannot go wrong with a Hype School Bag*. Next* sell them, or you can get them from Hype themselves. The Hype backpacks are ideal for those fashion conscious teens.

Best PE & Lunch Bags for School

Gym Sacks, Swim Bags, Cool Bags and the likes are much needed for school, and you may think that a plain one will do. Make sure you buy the right one with this selection...

Best Schoolbags for Starting School

If your little one is just starting school then you need a school bag that's small enough for their small frames, but big enough to fit in those school essentials.


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