Back To School - Tips & Hacks

Back To School - Tips & Tricks

We all know how hard the first few weeks are when the kids go back to school, it can be scary for both parent and child. You start getting anxieties about what's around the corner and how you will all cope. Keep focused and keep organised - if you're organised so are the kids and that makes life easier for all. You can make a real difference to how your child feels about starting or going back to school.

I've found some great tips so you can start the new school year off as smoothly as possible:

  • Trial Week - A week or even a few days before school is due to start you should try and get the kids to start getting up earlier in the mornings. Set the alarms so you can all get up and dressed before a certain time. Then you are free to go out and enjoy your day super early.
  • Morning Routine - You can make your own Morning routine chart for the children to follow, to make it easier for you all in the very busy mornings. Check out this fabulous idea:
  • Each of the children will have all flaps of the chart open in the morning. There will be a picture as well as a phrase to specify each task. Once each task has been completed they can close the flap which will then show the word DONE!

  • Drawer Labels For Getting Dressed - Organise the kids school outfits for the week with this awesome drawer idea. When the weekend arrives you can start filling these drawers up so you will be free from panic during the week. Add the P.E kit in on certain days, pop homework in on the day it's due and also pop the school bags on top so everyone is organised.
  • Modify A Clock - Help your children to learn the concept of time management with this modified clock idea. Buy this Wall clock From Amazon* and get your highlighters out to colour code the clock with your routine so the kids can learn to understand what do do next without you having to nag.
  • Play Music - Music in the morning will certainly WAKE UP the kids and probably put them in a good mood too! Make the perfect playlist with all their favourite songs to get them moving!
  • Keyring On Book Bag - If every child has the same book bag at school with this simple keyring idea you will know which one your bag is straight away! Let your child choose the perfect keyring that they will never forget then you just attach to the bag!
  • Sticker In Shoes - Put half a sticker in each shoe then get them to match them up so they get to learn how to put their shoes on correctly and their Left and Rights!
  • Separation Anxiety - Your baby is starting school and you start getting more anxious than them about it, which is understandable. You both will have some anxieties about being apart for so long in the day. Sit down together and make a bracelet for each other, explain that this bracelet is a promise of always being together even when apart and when school starts you can both start wearing your bracelets which will always keep you connected.

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  • Melanie M.

    I love that clock idea ! X

  • Lisa K.

    Sod that I just keep to a routine unless on the odd occasion I run late, with jobs either kids do the jobs they are asked, or they don't get things like sweets after tea/dinner.

  • Kelly O.

    Such a good idea :rolling_eyes:

  • Rachael P.

    I've seen a few of these before, there's loads on pinterest but these few are very simple to do to start u off xx

  • Tanya D.

    Yes I'm defo doing this.. Gna get them the weekend xxxx

  • Squigglesmummy

    Some great ideas. Just a shame that children are not allowed to wear jewellery in school so the bracelet idea would not really work unless they took it on a bag or something

  • Lisa J.

    Where can I get 5 drawer tower like that? I've been looking and all seem to be small drawers x

    • skia

      They have them in the Range. We bought some lovely ones there last year and I'm sure they still have them ☺

  • Rachael A.

    This is like food to my 'ocd' soul haha:see_no_evil:

  • Cristina J.

    think a few good ideas here could help u? Xx

  • Brooke S.

    I like the draws and clock idea! X

  • Samantha L.

    Like some of these!

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