Back To School: PlayPennies Exclusive 10% Off @ Woven Labels UK

Back To School: PlayPennies Exclusive 10% Off @ Woven Labels UK

School uniform can cost a small fortune as we well know, so to make sure my kids don't lose their precious school supplies I make sure everything is labelled - and I mean everything!

If you still need to get those labels then we have an PlayPennies Exclusive code that will get you an extra 10% off at Woven Labels UK. Just add WL64PP at the checkout to get your discount.

Woven Labels UK don't just sell the obvious sew-in name labels for your kids clothing - they sell a huge amount of other products to help keep track of your kids school supplies too, plus personalised school supplies as well.

There's sticky labels, iron on name labels, fabric labels, fun ones with pictures, and super sticky ones suitable for clothing, lunch boxes and even shoes! Prices start from just £2.25 per pack using our PlayPennies Exclusive voucher code.

I used Woven Labels UK for my eldest son's first set of school labels when he started Reception - he's about to go into year 3 and I'm only now having to order a new set. I got 50 Iron-On Labels (I hate sewing) and the 50 Shoe and Property labels and they've been fantastic. The iron-on ones are dead easy to use and can be easily trimmed down to size for those smaller tags. It's the Shoe and Property Labels that I've been most impressed with though, as they've been used inside shoes and wellies, on lunch boxes and school bags, and they haven't budged! The shoes have been utterly destroyed by my rough and tumble schoolboy, but the stickers are still there!

I'm very tempted by the Personalised School Bags this time, as my youngest is about to start Nursery School in a few short weeks. You can pick a colour and add your choice of fun design and a name too, and they work out at just £13.49 with that voucher code. Delivery is only 99p too! There's also lots more personalised school supplies too, like gym bags, lunch bags, book bags, pencil cases and more, and you can get an extra 10% off them all with our voucher code.

You can find this PlayPennies Exclusive Woven Labels UK voucher code plus lots more money saving codes over in our voucher section.


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  • Andrea M.

    I use woven labels too, they are brilliant

    • Sophie C.

      Can I ask which ones you get please? Good quality? -I want to order some for my children X

      • Andrea M.

        I've used all sorts of different ones, they were all good. They give you so many as well I've still loads spare

      • Grainne K.

        I know...have to get stuff sorted ASAP!

        • Orla F.

          Yeah u do. Label everything. I mean everything

          • Angela H.

            Do the ones for lunch boxes etc survive the dishwasher?