Back To School @ Next

Back To School @ Next

I don't know why but Next never even entered my head for School Uniform. Most of my clothes shopping for the kids happens at Next, so I am not sure why I haven't thought of them before.

Next Children's Clothing couldn't be any more popular if it tried, and I wonder if their School Uniform matches the quality and style.

Boys School Trousers* start from £7 a pair and you get the choice of four different styles: Skinny, Flat, Jean and Chino. That's not all - they offer three different fits too: slim, regular and generous.

Girls School Trousers* also start from £7 and come in four different styles: Jersey Bootcut, Jersey Ponte Skinny, Classic Woven and Skinny Fit Woven.

There's a large choice of Girls' Blouses and some are really pretty. See those here*.

I am really quite impressed with the selection of Back to School Clothing on the Next site - just wonder what the quality is like. It's certainly worth a look, if you want something a bit trendier for the kids.

You can Click and Collect your School Uniform for FREE from a Next store near you or pay £3.99 to have it delivered to your door.


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  • ka2424

    next is the only place I get my son's school trousers from.  He needs a slim fit and these are the only slim fit ones I can find which look really good.  I find the quality excellent they wash and tumble dry brilliantly and I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else for his trousers.  

    • Gayle T.

      The skinny fit school trousers are fab and a very good price too :-)

      • Michelle D.

        Fab school clothes in next. Wash well

        • Naomi H.

          The boys trousers are great. They fit my son the best of all the shops as he's a littlie! Just about to go in to Year 2 and this years size will be age 5 :wink:

          • Leanne K.

            I love next clothes for my children the design and quality but the uniforms are no better than asda ect. Infact one shirt came un done at seams x

            • Victoria P.

              Wasn't impressed with the school shoes :confused: I love next clothing but agree tesco is better for school!

              • Rachel M.

                The clothes are great quality and durable.

                • Lara B.

                  I was really disappointed the last time I bought Next uniform. The cardigans were thin and didn't wash well, and the polo shirts shrunk in the dryer. I find Asda much better quality, their uniform seems to last all year. My girls have pinafores from last September from Asda that still look brand new!

                  • Tara G.

                    Never gone to next BUT I may give them a go as I normally get them from asda but it's a nightmare as (even staff have admitted) all the clothes a wrong size. I got a shirt that was 15/16. And fits my 7 year old nice. Got her another and put it against the old one and looked like it was 2-3 sizes smaller. My daughter is very tall not overweight but the sizes in the shops are really really bad

                    • Kerensa S.

                      Next pinafores are nice quality but come up small however the rest is no better than supermarket but twice the price.

                      • Donna K.

                        Next trousers, socks, tops are great. Boys trousers particularly and they do skinny which my son needs. Wont bother buying expensive tops anymore as they get ruined with perm marker and tomatoe sauce

                        • Melanie M.

                          I have bought school shoes from Next and wouldn't buy them again. However I have had shirts, pants etc which have been fine. Nothing to write home about though. I prefer Tesco for uniform.

                          • Jasmine S.

                            Shoes are not the best and are way over priced the trousers are fab

                            • Anna H.

                              Morrisons clothing has washed up really well, harder to get hold of though. Tesco also good quality, I find it much better than Asda. I bought all my daughter's uniform from Next years ago and it fell to bits

                              • Julie G.

                                I have 5 children and buy Next uniform. I can guarantee it gets used for the year and can always be passed down. Cheap uniform is false economy - Asda and Tesco don't last more than a couple of terms. M&S also excellent quality.

                                • Gaynor T.

                                  I always buy my boys uniform from Next, good quality clothing that's lasts the whole year.

                                  • Sha

                                    I purchased next school uniform trousers with pockets on the legs and the shorts for my son from the age of 4 until last year when he was 10 ... The had changed the sizing and nothing fitted him properly either to tight to big etc , have allways got the white polo tops 5 pack they wash and tumble really well ! 

                                    • Vicky B.

                                      Next school trousers are brilliant :thumbsup_tone1:

                                      • Laura C.

                                        Bought girls trousers from Next and a pair from Asda. There were exactly the same in quality but the Next ones were 3 times the price of the Asda ones.

                                        • Alison P.

                                          Trousers,shorts and socks from next,the rest from tesco as they embroider the school badge on the polo shirts and sweatshirts,school coat,pe bag and pe shirts.