Back to School: Jumping For Joy Or Dreading It?

Jumping For Joy Or Dreading Back To School?

C'mon, tell the truth: how do you REALLY feel when the kids finally go back to school after the summer holidays?

And have you seen the memes that have been doing the rounds on social media of late, featuring mums posting their back to school pics?

Mum of five Keshia Leeann Gardner went seriously viral after she posted this hilarious pic of herself literally jumping for joy in front of her brood on their first day back at school, along with the message:

Happy 1st day of school, kids. I'm gonna miss y'all.

Now I laughed a lot at this picture because it pretty much sums up how I feel when I finally get my beloved babies out of my hair after nine long weeks of us driving each other mad at home. (Yes, nine weeks, it's actually inhumane.)

And I laughed all the harder because it's such a darned relief to feel like it's ok to admit that I am glad when my kids go back to school. Seriously, people, I am so done with feeling like I am somehow defective as a mother because I'm hardly weeping into the Weetabix on the first day back at school.

I adore my kids more than life itself and we have a lot of fun hanging out together over the summer – blah blah blah – but it is nothing short of joyous when we finally get back into the groove of our term-time routine.

I guess I am just not cut out for full-time (aka relentless) motherhood – and I am pretty sure my kids wouldn't hesitate to tell you that they breathe a sigh of relief upon their return to school, too.

Do I need to feel guilty about that? Nah. I'm a pretty awesome mum (yes, even if I say so myself - I did check with my kids and they have approved this statement) and we've had a fabulous summer with some seriously unforgettable moments. But we just weren't made to spend days and days and days trying to dream up things to do to keep us all entertained while the lovely Irish rain drives down outside for most of July straight.

Now I've got friends who are elated when their kids go back to school - they think the summer holidays are interminably long, and by the time back to school season is officially upon us, they are well and truly out of ideas for keeping the little munchkins entertained for even one more minute.

But on the other hand I've got friends who dread their kids going back to school. They literally start suffering from back-to-school-blues mid-way through the summer and lament the end of those long, lazy days of not having to make packed lunches.

There are also those who seem to treasure every second of the school summer holidays, and others who find themselves fit to be tied at the thought of having to spend one more day holed up at home with their little darlings.

It always fascinates me to see how differently mums see things, and much as I wish I were the type to dread back to school season and cherish every second of the summer, the truth is I find myself almost tearful with relief once the kids start getting ready to go back to school.

So thank you, Keshia, for making me feel like I'm in great company. All that said, I'll totally wander the house feeling lonely come September 1st. (O-k-a-y, for all of about ten seconds.)

But enough about me. How do you feel about the kids going back to school? Are you with Keshia and do you unashamedly jump for joy at the return to normality that the start of the new school term brings? Or are you dreading the little darlings returning to the classroom? And if so, can you please tell the rest of us what your secret is?!


  • Joanna H.

    Excited for my little girl who starts reception this year. She is so excited! New things for my little man going into year 3. X

  • Sheena V.

    Our schools are back next Tuesday & I love them being off! I'm on annual leave for 2 weeks & we're trying to make the most of the sunshine as we've hardly had any over the past 6 weeks!

  • Becki I.

    Thoroughly enjoying the time off even with all the siblings arguments :) lovely being lucky enough to be with them the whole summer. Not had a day were are struggling for things to do either. Will be ready to get back to normality in September though.

  • Anna F.

    Not looking forward to the upcoming wet school runs again :umbrella::umbrella::umbrella:

  • Clare P.

    Back today in most parts of Scotland :grimacing:

  • Nicola S.

    Cannot wait till tomorrow and they go back :grinning:

  • Lucy W.

    Enjoy having my daughter around but she's looking forward to go back to school on 5th September as she's missing all of her friends

  • Amanda C.

    My son has still got 3 weeks of school holiday to go he goes back on the 6th September. I've got annual leave for the last 2 weeks of the holiday off so we're going to make the most of it and fingers crossed for the weather x

    • Stephanie O.

      My daughter also goes back on 6th my son starts prwschool im a stay home mum my banks looking forward to looking healthy again lol

  • Nicola S.

    Off for 3 more weeks yet but im dreading the school runs and pack lunchs ahhhhhhhh.

  • Sarah J.

    My son still goes nursery in holidays so no diffrent to me lol

  • Lisa J.

    I am dreading my 7 year old going back to school we are having such a great summer holidays together.Plus he always gets upset which upets me,i feel like crying whenever in think about it :cry:

  • Michelle L.

    Sad :pensive: my little girl has only just turned 4 and will be starting reception in a few weeks :see_no_evil:

    • Leona J.

      Mine starts reception too

  • Karen D.

    Noooooooo!! As then I go back to school too. Both kids (primary n secondary) do like school, so they miss it. 6 weeks is too long, make it 4 weeks long and add the two weeks into the stupid half term week. Much better!!

    • Hazel T.

      We are 7 weeks 5 days here :persevere: lol

    • Lorna B.

      We're 7 weeks here. Our council was the first in the country to say summer holidays was being cut to 4 weeks and an extra week in October, I thought this was a great idea but then the teachers disagreed and the council backtracked

    • Alison N.

      Ours had 9 weeks, finished 30th June n not back till 1st sep

  • Kel H.

    I hate school runs but o am looking forward to it I am single mum 3 kids and I have multiple sclerosis so it's hard and mine have played up all hols as bored

  • Louise T.

    Mine back today!!! Yeah

  • Kelly G.

    Really enjoying the hols with my boys but I know come September we will all be ready to get back into a routine x

  • Rachel C.

    I think the parents that have to find extra childcare for 6 weeks will be finding it hard to juggle, making the break fun for the kids and still having to work. I'm sure a lot of grandparents will be happy for them all to be going back to school all the brilliant grandparents that help out but it takes a lot out of them.

    Parents that don't work like me and mums that work in a school (soon to be me in September) will miss picnics in the park, seaside trips, getting up later, having company and making memories.

    But either way doesn't mean your good or bad parents, kids are hard work and missing them is a nice change, I'm quite looking forward to going back to work :wink:

  • Sarah O.

    I'm going to miss her, she's 4 going on 14 and she sometimes annoys me but I can honestly say I don't want her to go back to school

  • Laura M.

    My little girl is excited to go back in to year 2 on the 1st September she would have had 12 weeks off in total recovering from am op and last week broke her elbow not our best summer but will be looking forward to the 2 weeks half October x

    • Stephanie O.

      2 week half term that sounds nice my daughter only gets one

    • Laura M.

      Her school put all the teacher training days in to one week

  • Leona J.

    Half and half

    Jumping for joy because she needs other kids She's so bored and isn't sleeping till gone 11.30pm I need my nights back to myself And I get to start my new job

    And dreading it because it means I won't see her until after 6 and then it will be dinner bath bed Plus it's reception so it's a new start

  • Stephanie O.

    Im dreading my 2 year old starting pre school my daughter ill b sad for her to go back but shes getting board shes 10

  • Sarah J.

    Daft question but you know in 6 weeks holidays do teacher still get paid for been of

    • Marianne C.

      Yeah they do. But they can only take holiday time when school holidays are. They are also expected to make lesson plans for the term while off.

  • Allison C.

    Cant wait lol

  • Amy S.

    Cant wait - at least there will be an end to the arguing and fighting that my three are doing now they are having to spend more time together

  • mum05

    Yes some teachers get full pay for having 6weeks off my daughter in law is a teacher and she gets full pay also she said the work she has to do at home is minimal and takes a couple of hours to finish...... oh to get full pay for a 6week holiday bliss what the hell have they got to moan about?

  • Hazel T.

    Jumping for joy for my lg going back but dreading my lb going because he's just starting primary school :pensive: only a week to go.

  • Helen M.

    Can't wait. Kids fighting all the time. Feeling like a referee instead of a mam

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