Back To School: Items Only £1 @ Poundland

Back To School: Items Only £1 @ Poundland

Where do you buy stationery from for the kids? Last year, we did WH Smith and we spent a fortune. This year the boys want Smiggle and that ended up even worse. I don't mind buying them nice, quirky pencil cases and what not, but they do lose the contents which annoys me.

Poundland is the solution. They have some really cool stationery in their 'Back to School' range and it's stuff the kids will actually want.

If you are going in store, then it's worth looking for School Shirts. We have had reports of folk picking them up at just £1, in Poundland stores across the UK.

As you already know, Poundland are a single price retailer, where everything's £1.

They are selling a 'Neon' range of stationery, that the kids will love. Choose between bright blue, green, pink and orange.

Here's an example of what you can get: Neon HB Pencils - Orange/Pink*, Neon Stationery Sets - Pink*, Neon Maze Pens - Green*, Neon Stationery Set With Notebook - Orange* and much, much more.

Their novelty Highlighter Pens are awesome. Choose between LEGO lookalike blocks*, Lipstick* and Nail Polish* ones.

Delivery is £5 and most items will be available in store.


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