Back To School: Half Price Stationery @ Tesco Direct

Back To School: Half Price Stationery @ Tesco Direct

It's crazy how expensive stationery can be. You think all that's needed is a pencil, ruler, sharpener and eraser but you're wrong. What about the colouring pencils, pens, calculator and so on?

Save yourself some money by heading over to Tesco Direct where you can get half price (or better) stationery.

Let's start with the 'Better than Half Price' sets. These are great for those 'older' kids or if you have more than one child. This Stationery Collection Bulk Pack* was £22 and is now £8 - ideal for splitting between the kids.

Don't forget you need Sharpies to write names on all of that gym kit and school uniform: Sharpie Marker Pens Limited Edition 30pk*was £22 now £8.

Have a look at these other bargains: Oxford Maths Set* was £4 now £2, Staedtler 10 HB Noris Pencils With Eraser & Sharpener* was £3 now £1.50, Tesco Coloured Gel & Ball Pen Set 20 Pack* was £3 now £1.50, Paw Patrol Filled Sticker Truck* was £15 now £7.50, Paw Patrol Colour Your Own Backpack* was £10 now £5 and Marvel Bumper Stationery School Pack* was £10 now £5.

You can Click and Collect your Stationery for £2 (FREE when spending £30) from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have it delivered to your home.


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  • Claire W.

    paw patrol stickers trunk

  • Karen R.

    Some of these aren't as good a deal as they look. I've seen the bumper stationary sets for £5 in sainsburys and that's without any offers!

    • Natalie S.

      Paw patrol bag is only £4.99 in the range