Back To School DIY

Back To School DIY

Some schools have not even finished for the Summer and we are already thinking Back to School DIY. I remember the summer holidays back in 1990's, the time of going shopping with my mum 2 days before school was meant to start to get myself new shoes, pencil case, pens, bag - you know just like the ones everybody else had bought a couple of weeks earlier, ha!

But now no one feels afraid to be different and everyone likes to start off their own little trends, and everybody loves to do crafty bits and pieces.

So no need to be bored this summer as I have found some crazy, cute ideas for you all to try out before you're back to the classroom.

Hands up, who used to collect erasers? I did. I had a slight obsession with them and collected so many random ones. I wish I knew about this Eraser clay* back then, I would've made so many cool ones!!

Now you can use it to make your own cool rubbers just like these Emoji ones!

Another thing we always used to do at school was cover our notebooks in wrapping paper but now you can grab some Chalk Board Paint* and cover the front of your notebook with it, and in no time you have you very own doodle page that you can wipe clean quickly before the teacher sees!

I've been seeing printed duck tape around for a while now and wondered what do people do with it? Well I found out and I am amazed at what you can do with this stuff , I want some so bad! Check these funky ones from Hobbycraft*. My absolute favourite is this cool Unicorn*one. How easy would these key rings be to make? ? Kids can make some for all their friends too!

You can also cover your notebooks and binders with these cool prints.

These Washi Tapes* are great to cover your Pens and Pencils too, with so many cool designs to choose from and so easy to do.

Who needs a new pencil case? Check this cool idea out..

Looks so crazy cute, I'm going to make one for my pen collection. I also love the little ones, they would be great to keep your lunch money safe or even as a snack container. You can get your Zips from Hobbycraft* from £1.45.

Check these Printable Binder covers out! If your mind needs some peace and relaxation print one of these fab prints out and grab your coloring pencils and pop it in this Clear Front Binder* to make it look pretty too!

Looking for a cute little pencil topper? Just look how simple it is to make your own with Pipe Cleaners*, they looks so cute too and you can come up with loads of different designs with mixing the colors.

So guys, enjoy your summer and have fun! Let us know if you get crafty with any of these ideas.

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Image Credits

Emoji Erasers - Karina Garcia

Chalkboard Notes - DIY Ready

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Pop bottle pencil cases -

Pipe Cleaner Toppers -


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