Back To School: Cheapest School Supplies

Back To School: Cheapest School Supplies

It's a lot more than school uniform, shoes and a bag that kids need these days for school - the list seems endless! If you want the cheapest school supplies we have found the best places to save you some money.

Lots of retailers are looking for our Back To School pennies, so there's a lot of competition and there are some brilliant bargains around. If you're after school stationery, pencil cases, calculators, folders and all those other educational supplies then these are the best places to look.

The Works

I tend to think of The Works* for books rather than stationery, but they have a huge range of school and art supplies as well as their official Back To School* page where they have savings of up to 80%! They have some of the best prices on the high street, and have just about everything you could think of so it's great for kitting the kids out in just one store. Home delivery is free on orders of £20 or more, and there's lots of The Works voucher codes to save you even more in our voucher section.


Tesco have some Better Than Half Price* deals that are great for secondary school children with plenty of offers on Mega Value Sets* of pens, markers, notebooks and so on. If your kids need a lot of supplies like this the mega sets provide great value for money, so it's a good idea to stock up while they're on offer. They also have half price stationery*, crafts, colouring and more, and at the moment they seem to have the best prices out of the main supermarkets.


If you have Amazon Prime then you probably already do lots of your shopping with the online giant, and with that free one-day delivery they can't often be beaten on price. There's also 30% off Stationery* at the moment, and they have by far the biggest range of school supplies available online in their Back To School Shop*. Take a look at their best School Supplies offers* and if you haven't got Prime order in bulk to hit that £20 minimum for free delivery.

Bargain Stores: Home Bargains, B&M Stores

Although the choice is not as big as the online retailers you can pick up some cracking bargains in the high street bargain stores. Home Bargains* have some of the lowest prices I have seen for notebooks, pencil cases, pencil sets, folders and so on, and their own brand arts and craft supplies cost pennies. It's just a shame that they don't offer many of these items for home delivery but you can get them all in stores. B&M* are very similar price wise, and although they don't do online shopping you can view their savings online.


A firm favourite with bargain hunters Poundland* have a big range of school supplies on offer at the moment. It's well worth a look, especially as you can now shop online saving having to drag the kids round the shops. The new Neon Stationery* is great fun and some of it is brilliant value for money, plus they have a huge range of craft supplies* all year round.

Still need to check some things of your list? Take a look at our Back To School pages for all the best deals on school uniform, school shoes, backpacks and more.

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