Back To School: Alternative School Wear For Teenagers

Back To School: School Wear For Teens

As soon as I hit the age of 13, I no longer wanted a pleated skirt from M&S nor some twee school jumper from BHS. Back in my day, it wasn't acceptable to deviate from the School Uniform list, but it is in many schools today.

We aren't talking about going completely off the rails, but tidy, fashionable clothing that your teenager might actually want to wear.

Here's a list of places that you need to check out for trendy Schoolwear:

Safe to say that the cheapest places to shop for your teen's school attire is and New Look.


  • Sunspy

    As a teacher this feels me with dread! Uniform policies state no skinny jeans, knee length skirts, this just makes it harder. Uniform means everyone looks the same not a fashion parade!!

  • Sammy C.

    What about boys?

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