Secret Centre Baby Gender Reveal Cake £30 @ Marks And Spencer

Baby Gender Reveal Cake £30

Marks and Spencer now sell Secret Centre Baby Gender Reveal Cakes! They are £30 each and have just been launched. We reckon these are going to fly off the shelves.

It's such a special moment when you reveal the sex of your baby. There's a trend just now where the sonographer will tell your other half the sex of your unborn child, and you will cut a cake to find out what you are having, at your baby shower, or other celebration.

It's a lovely way to share the news with the Grandparents-to-be.

Each cake has a secret centre - blue for a boy and pink for a girl. When it's cut into the colour is revealed.

These specific Marks and Spencer Gender Reveal Cakes come in a baby bottle shape and can be personalised with up to 40 characters.

Cakes are collected in store for FREE and take 7 days from ordering to arrive.

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  • Gemma M.

    how cool I know it's too late now x

  • Heather H.

    Omgeeeeeee love this!!!!!

  • Scott C.

    Cheaper to buy a wee pink or blue outfit:blush:

  • Mel S.

    Saves me trying to make one :joy:

  • Tara C.

    this is a cool idea :thumbsup_tone1::blush: x

  • Stephanie C.

    Oooh I like this! However holding it in until cake is ordered would never happen :joy::joy::joy: xx

  • Grace K.

    Ahhh can't wait till my 20 week scan as we R finding out this time I might have to get this xxxx

  • Natalie T.

    Shame u have to have personalised etc and not just on the shelves as I would go in on Tuesday and buy two as we know then and will be nagged for a week!!! X

  • Hayley B.

    lol I've literally just seen this! I want one! Any excuse for cake x

  • Claire L.

    Goodness me could you imagine if they got orders wrong :scream:

    • Scott I.

      Just what i was thinking!! Would only take soneone grabbing the wrong one. Or putting the wrong label on!! Eeek

  • Zoe D.

    Haha! I might have to get one now :joy:

  • Zoe D.

    Haha! I might have to get one now :joy:

  • Hayley B.

    Think we r going to keep everyone guessing this time :relaxed: x

  • Georgi H.

    Oh my days !!!! But then we wouldn't be able to reveal on Tuesday :rolling_eyes::thinking: xxx

  • Gillian J.

    Love it :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

  • Stephanie C.

    I've a friend making one for me :blush: x x x

  • Laura L.

    Awww wow what a good idea! :two_hearts:x

  • Tricia M.

    They look lovely but £30 seems expensive considering its only the size of the normal Swiss roll which is £3.

  • Aimee J.

    Fab. Was going to make my own so will have a look. Xx

  • Cerys J.

    Be lovely with a cuppa on a Wednesday :thumbsup: x

  • Chloe W.

    I'll do it for the office haha! X

  • Gabby S.

    So cute :thumbsup_tone2::heart_eyes: my gender reveal will be slightly different though, no cake but a baby instead lol :joy::revolving_hearts:x

  • Gemma W.

    Yeah i wanted to do this but kieron ruined it lol x

  • Laura B.

    I think boy but want girl xx

  • Josie T.

    I'm adamant it's a girl! There's money riding on this! Xx

  • Danni J.

    Awww that's cute, but we won't know until it's born lol xxx

  • Kyle C.

    ... but it's cake! Just buy both! In today's modern age who defines themselves by gender anyway!?

  • Linzi M.

    hahahah yeah that looks good . ;-)

  • Amy W.

    Awww love this! Only two weeks! I might get one! Xx

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