WOW Toys Flip 'n' Tip Fred £20.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are sellers of the fun and durable WOW Toys for kids. They have a large range, with a few discounted, but the Flip 'n' Tip Fred -a recycling truck - currently has 40% off, reducing him to £20.99 instead of £34.98.

These WOW toys are a new addition to our home, and boy are they something! They don't require batteries, so no further investment there - that alone is a huge saving over the life of a toy, as far as I'm concerned - and they are seriously hardy. They're intended for 18 months and over, but my baby already enjoys having a gnaw on the toddler little people and neither toddler, baby or toys are any the worse for it.

The Flip 'n' Tip Fred is a recycling truck and he has a front bucket that tips into the recycling bin behind him. His side door clicks open and closed and lifts to empty out the contents - three recycle bins. The back also opens and closes to tip bins into.

There are excellent reviews on Amazon for this product - it's really well received!

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