Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive Bath Mat £7.98 @ Amazon

Now here's a little useful something if you have a little baby or young child in the house - a heat sensitive bath mat.

There's all sorts of useless baby paraphernalia that you can waste your money on and, at the full price of £19.99, I'd normally put this Tommee Tippee heat sensitive bath mat into that 'throw your money away' category.

However, Amazon have reduced it down to £7.98 which makes it much more reasonable and something worth adding to your baby bath time aresnal - you're going to need a non-slip bath mat anyway and £7.98 is only going to be a couple of pounds more than a value one from a certain blue stripe supermarket.

This Tommee Tippee is brightly coloured, will prevent your young one slipping in the bath AND will let you know if the bath water is too hot or too cold for your child - too hot is bad and dangerous, but a cold bath...well that's just plain nasty.

I'm rather hoping Amazon leave their pricing for this Tommee Tippee Heat Sensitive bath mat alone long enough for you to grab one if you want one; fingers crossed, as it's a bit of a bargain at its reduced price.

Happy safe baby bathing!

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