Plush Little Charley Bear £9.99 @ Argos

Argos are selling this ridiculously cute plush Little Charley Bear teddy for half price - £9.99 instead of £19.99.

I didn't know anything about Little Charley Bear until a year, or so, ago - all of my children are too old for him; having done a little bit of research, though, I'm a Little Charley Bear fan and think this Little Charley Bear plush teddy is just adorable.

He doesn't do anything; he doesn't say anything; he doesn't make any cute noises or play soothing lullabies - his sole purpose in life is to be there when you need him, all soft and cuddly and perfect for snuggling your nose into.

He comes wearing stripey pyjamas - that seem to come in two different colours, pink or green, that you cannot choose - and is suitable for little ones aged two and over.

You can choose whether you pop into your local Argos and collect your plush Little Charley Bear teddy for free, or whether you pay an additional £2.95 and let Argos bring him to you instead.

Happy cuddling with Little Charley Bear!

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