Munchkin Bounce About £13.33 @ Amazon

Munchkin Bounce About £13.33 @ Amazon

Looking for some Baby Activity Toys but limited for space? The Munchkin Bounce About is ideal.

It's a Door Bouncer, which means you don't need to use up any precious floorspace, and more importantly it's fun.

Grab one for just £13.33 from Amazon, instead of the usual £20-£24 price tag.

The Munchkin Bounce is a great way for baby to exercise and burn off some energy.

It has a sliding bobbin to help when you are putting baby in and out of it.

The height adjustable straps ensure your child is in it securely. The Saddle itself provides comfort and makes sure baby's back is supported.

How does it attach to the door? This bouncer has a very strong door frame clamp that will take a LOT of bouncing.

You can have the Munchkin Bounce About delivered for FREE when you spend £20+ or if you are an Amazon Prime member. If you don't have Amazon Prime and you aren't planning on spending as much as £20, then delivery is £3.99.


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